The best video editor apps for Android


If you are looking for the best video editor apps for Android then you are at the right place. Video editor apps for Android are very important to give your video special effects. Also, there is a wide variety of Android video editing apps are available on the Google Playstore.

If you want to impress your friends with unique content, You cannot do without Video editing software. That's why video editing apps becomes a little important in the life of peoples who like to capture videos on their smartphones.

Before everyone needs to rely on a powerful computer to edit videos. But Nowadays you don't need to rely on any powerful PC, because your Android has capabilities to edit any video that can match the editing level of PC. To edit the video on Android, you just need to download a free or paid professional video editing software.

Most of the people on the internet search for the term "best video editing software for beginners". Even you are a beginner or don't have any proper knowledge of video editing then also you can edit videos as professionals just by watching a few videos on YouTube.

So keeping the demand of video editor apps for Android in mind, we decided to write an article about this. Many users need free video editing software with no watermark. To get no watermark in your videos, you just need to purchase the app. 

So below is the list of both free and paid professional video editing software for Android available for free download from the provided links. Some of the below-mentioned apps are also available for cross-platform such as iPhone, Windows PC, Linux, etc.

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List Of Best Video Editor Apps For Android

Here is the list of the best video editor apps for Android:

  • KineMaster;
  • FilmoraGo;
  • Magisto;
  • InShot;
  • PowerDirector;
  • Quik;
  • Funimate;
  • VideoShow;
  • VivaVideo;
  • WeVideo.

1. KineMaster

The first place in our list of video editing apps is acquired by KineMaster. The reason behind listing KineMaster to the first position is that I personally use this app to edit my YouTube videos.

KineMaster provides you with almost all the editing features that a premium video editing software has. This video editor app is designed for both professionals and beginners and it is free to download.

There are lots of premium things that you can do with this app when editing the video. For example, You can give 3d effects on your video, Can mute the video voice, Can insert new audio to the video, Brightness control, Pan and zoom, Green screen, and much more.

You can use all the premium features of KineMaster for free. But after editing the video you will get a kinemaster watermark in your video. To remove the watermark you need to purchase the app.

While editing the video using KineMaster you will get a premium feel. This professional video editing app made video editing a lot easier even beginner can make professional videos by using this app.

This professional video editing app is free to download from the below link. This video editor app is easily available on Google Playstore.


  • Free (Watermark will be added on the video);
  • $4.99/Month;
  • $39.99/Year.


  • Green screen removal;
  • Pan & Zoom;
  • 3D effects;
  • Brightness control;
  • Add voiceover, Music to the video;
  • Video reversal.

Available For:

  • Android;
  • IOS.

2. FilmoraGo

If you are looking for a professional, best, and free video editing apps for Android than FilmoraGo is best for you. The app is extremely easy to use and provides lots of premium features free. 

Both the free and paid version of this app is available. In the free version, you will get a watermark on your video. To remove the watermark you have to purchase the app.

FilmoraGo provides you with features such as Green screen removal, Pan and Zoom, Audio Mixer, color tuning, split-screen, 3D effects, and much more.

With this video editing software, you can transform any normal video into a professional-looking video. To use this app for editing videos, the User does not require any special knowledge of video editing.

Any user who has a basic knowledge of video editing can edit video professionally. You can also upload any video instantly to social media by using this app.

The app supports a wide variety of video formats. That means you can easily export and import videos in approx any format.

You can download the app from the below link and unleash your creativity with its 800+ stunning effects.


  • Free.


  • Green screen removal;
  • Pan and Zoom;
  • Video trimming;
  • Video stability;
  • Audio mixer;
  • And much more.

Available For:

  • Android;
  • IOS;
While its other Video editor apps like Filmora9, FilmoraPro, FilmoraScrn are available for Windows PC and Mac.

If you want to download a video editing app for pc then you can check the following link: Filmora Wondershare

3. Magisto

If you are a beginner in video editing and looking for the best video editing app, then Magisto will be great for you. It is one of the best video editing apps for beginners because through this app you can easily edit videos in a few clicks.

Both the free and paid version of the app is available. In the free version, you can edit short length videos with watermark, While in the premium version you can edit long videos without watermark.

The app provides many awesome features to you such as stickers, Share video to social media instantly after editing the video, Trim and Merge videos, and much more.

With Magisto you can make really cool and professional-looking videos. You can make videos for your YouTube or for sharing on Instagram or for personal use. An eye-catching video with Magisto can boost up your social media fans.

This professional video editing software for Android is available for free download. You can download this video editor app from the below link.


You can also use this app for free but the usage will be very much limited. However, there is three main price range for Magisto:

  • Premium - $4.99/month;
  • Professional - $9.99/month;
  • Business - $39.99/month.
If you are a YouTuber or want to edit HD videos then you can go for a professional plan.


  • Trim and merge video clips;
  • Instantly share to social media;
  • Smart AI editor;
  • and much more.

Available for:

  • Android;
  • IOS;
  • Windows;
  • Web.

4. InShot

InShot is one of the best video editor apps for Android. It provides lots of features in free as compared to other premium video editing apps. It includes premium features in free such as crop video in any ratio, Pan and Zoom, Remove watermark by cropping the video, and much more.

If you have a YouTube channel or you love to post videos on Instagram then this video editing software will be a great choice for you.

The user interface of this app is a little difficult for beginners. However, after using this app for somedays will make you comfortable.

If you want to access the premium feature of these apps then its prices are very low. You will get a Premium subscription to this app for $3.99 per month and $14.99 per year. You can also access to its premium features lifetime in just $34.99.

It is the best video editing app with a rating of 4.8 on Google Playstore.


  • Free (with watermark and advertisements);
  • $3.99/Month;
  • $14.99/Year;
  • $34.99/Lifetime.


  • Merge multiple clips;
  • Export in HD quality;
  • Best transitions and effects;
  • Slow-motion, and speed up the video;
  • Easy voice over.

Available for:

5. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is the powerful video editing software for Android as well as for IOS and Desktop. Through PowerDirector, you can make powerful cinematic style clips. If you are looking for powerful editing features then PowerDirector is the best option for you.

In PowerDirector, you will get professional video editing tools. The app gets updated regularly. It's easy to use user interface will make your editing experience great.

Experience smoother editing in PowerDirector. You can edit and export videos up to 4k quality that is really great.

You can easily upload the video to Facebook and YouTube directly from the app as soon as you finish editing.

There is a powerful video stabilizer is present in the app. This feature will make shaking video stable.

Both the free and premium version of the app is available in premium version you will get access to all of its exclusive premium content. However, you can use this video editor app for free in Android for normal editing.


  • Free;
  • Premium plan $19.99/month.


  • Export videos up to 4K resolution;
  • Powerful video stabilizer;
  • Green screen editor;
  • Slow-motion, fast forward video;
  • Pan and Zoom;
  • Transitions and effects;
  • And much more.

Available for:

6. Quik

If you want to create a great video with just a few clicks then Quik is one of the best video editor apps for you. It allows you to add up to 75+ video clips including images from your mobile gallery.

If you love editing then you are gonna fall in love with its transition and awesome effects. The app also comes with an inbuilt video recorder. The video trim functionality of the app will allow you to trim and add multiple awesome videos to your project.

You can also add slow-motion effects in your videos, or if you think the video is slow,  then you can fast forward the selected part of the video.

In this video editing app, you can export video up to 1080p in 60FPS which is the best quality.

If you are working on a long video project then you can save your video as a draft for up to 7 days. This functionality will let you edit your videos for a longer period of time.

Every function of this app matches its name "Quik" because when I use this app I found all the functionality of this app is really quick. The functional capacity and the export speed will depend on the processor of your mobile.




  • Export videos in High definition (HD) quality for free;
  • Support most video formats;
  • Slow-motion, speed up;
  •  Best themes;
  • Add up to 75 videos.

Available for:

  • Android;
  • IOS;
  • Desktop.

7. Funimate

Funimate is one of the best professional video editing software for Android and IOS available for free download. If you like to make videos on Tiktok or on Instagram reels then this is the best video editor app for you.

Currently, The app has 40+ Million users that is a really great amount, and also the app is available as an editors choice with 4.4 ratings on Google Playstore.

With this app, you can easily add slow motion, style, and effects on your video. The app is best for editing videos for  Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

This video editor app is free to download. If you want to use some premium video editing features then you need to buy this app which will cost you $6.99/month. You can also apply for 7 days of the free trial.


  • Free;
  • 7 days of free trial;
  • $6.99/month.


  • Add sticker, emoji, and text to video;
  • Video merger;
  • Transition and effects;
  • and much more.

Available for:

8. VideoShow

Another one of the best android editor apps is VideoShow. It provides you brilliant video editing experience. 

This app is all in one video editor, with this app you can make the videos for anything you want.

The app is free to download but you will get the watermark in the free version after editing the video. In order to remove the watermark, you have to upgrade to a VIP subscription to this app.

Additionally, you will get hundreds of free music to insert in your video. Voiceover is also supported in the app. You can export your videos in full HD quality without any quality loss. All these premium features are free to use.

Now let's see the price, features, and availability of the app.


  • Free;
  • In-app purchases.


  • Pan and Zoom;
  • Video Merger;
  • Transition and effects;
  • HD quality export;
  • Blur background;
  • Free music.

Available for:

9. VivaVideo

If you are looking for professional video editing software then VivaVideo is best for you and also available for free download.

You will find many professional features in this app such as blur video, Add music to video, Video cutter and merger, and much more.

The app is mainly designed for professionals as well as for beginners to give their normal video a professional look.

There are many features available for you to insert in the video. Just add effects and music according to your need without any cost.

With the blur feature, you can blur any unwanted part or sensitive information like Password, Id in the video.

VivaVideo made video editing a lot more simple. Even beginners or users who do not have much knowledge of video editing can give their video a professional touch by using this one of the best video editor apps.


  • Free;
  • In-app Purchases.


  • Export videos in HD;
  • Video cutter and video merger;
  • Blur the unwanted part in the video;
  • Instantly share videos to social media;
  • and much more.

Available for:

10. WeVideo

Make your video looks cool with just few click by using WeVideo app. WeVideo is another best video editing app for Android and IOS.

By using its trim and video merge feature you can trim unwanted parts of your video and also you can add multiple videos to your existing video.

With its title and caption feature you can easily add titles and caption into your videos, This thing will make your video attractive.

You can export your video into 4k and Ultra HD without losing the quality of the video. 

Most of the basic feature comes in free with this app. In order to remove the watermark or to use some extra and premium features, you need to upgrade to its premium version.


  • Free;
  • In-app purchases.


  • Video trim and merge;
  • Export videos up to 4k quality;
  • transition and effects;
  • Publish your video directly to YouTube;
  • And many more features.

Available for:


So above is the list of some best video editor apps for Android and IOS. You can download all the above mentioned professional video editing software for free. 

Most of the apps have in-app purchases or premium subscriptions and watermark included in the free version. Don't worry you can still remove the watermark by making some edits.

If you think we missed any of your favorite video editor app then let us know in the comment section.

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