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A PDF compressor comes in handy when you need to use PDF files for web uploads, printing tasks, and of course, email attachments. However, you can't just upload, print, or attach any PDF. You'll need to see to it that the PDF's size is compatible with the platform or task that you need to do. In turn, you'll have difficulty in using big PDF file sizes on tasks like these.

GoGoPDF provides a solution for these dilemmas. With its online PDF compressor, you can now resize and compress any PDF file. It should resize your PDF down to a size that won't cause issues or problems upon using it for various purposes. In turn, you can effectively reduce the size without affecting its quality through GoGoPDF.

Simple PDF Compression

It is only right that we begin this article with GoGoPDF's PDF compression process. How can you compress your PDF documents using this online tool? Well, you can do so in just four easy steps. GoGoPDF uses a highly-effective and simple four-step process in compressing and resizing your PDF documents.

This online tool will compress PDF once you upload any PDF document. You can also drag and drop the PDF document to the space provided to start uploading. Immediately after, this online PDF compressor from GoGoPDF will start compressing the uploaded PDF document. You won't have to press any button to compress PDF after you upload the file!

You'll need to wait for GoGoPDF's online PDF compressor to finish resizing the PDF document. This may take a few minutes, but we assure you that it isn't unreasonably long. Once the compression is complete, you'll be able to save and download the newly resized PDF to your computer. You can even share the PDF with your social media accounts!

Easy To Use PDF Compressor

You don't have to worry about using a PDF compressor that is tedious and complicated with GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF offers an online PDF compressor that simplifies the entire process for you. Simply upload a PDF file into this online PDF compressor, and GoGoPDF will instantly compress it.

Subsequently, this PDF compressor is free and doesn't require any offline software installation! It should do all the work in compressing your PDF for you. In turn, you'll only need to sit back while you wait for your newly compressed outcome. Also, expect an outcome that is accurately compressed without any errors or mistakes.

GoGoPDF designed this PDF compressor to come with pre-equipped settings that should lead to high-quality PDF compression. In turn, you won't need to change the settings of this online PDF compressor each time you use it. As we said, simply upload your PDF document and let this PDF compressor from GoGoPDF handle all the work.

Fast Resizing

We understand that you might value your time in finishing tasks like web uploads, printing, and email attachments. In turn, GoGoPDF provides an online PDF compressor that swiftly resizes any PDF documents. You'll be able to effectively resize your PDF to as small as 144 dpi.

You'll surely be able to use this 144 dpi PDF for any purpose, may it be for email, publish, or simply sharing PDF files on the web. Subsequently, this effective online PDF compression is free—free, swift, and effective PDF compression through GoGoPDF's PDF compressor.

Other online tools provide this online PDF compressor that has a tradeoff. Sure, you'll be able to compress and resize your PDF, but there'll be a reduction in the quality or even altered data and formatting. You can rely on GoGoPDF to provide a well-rounded online PDF compression without any tradeoffs for free.

Compress Online With Any Platform

You can use this PDF compressor no matter what operating system you use. It should be entirely compatible and accessible on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Simply access this online PDF compressor through the GoGoPDF website using any web browser.

You can select and use any web browser that you're accustomed to. It won't matter if you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

You can even compress and resize PDF through your tablet or smartphone. Assuming that you have a Wi-Fi connection or data plan, you can seamlessly resize any PDF through your smartphone. You can access the GoGoPDF platform through any web browsing app on any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet.

Privacy Policy

GoGoPDF makes it a point to protect the safety of its users. In turn, it makes sure that it continues to operate through a highly secure connection. The entire GoGoPDF platform flows through 256-bit SSL Encryption. In turn, this encryption should effectively safeguard you and your files from any potential threats.

GoGoPDF understands that some of your files and documents may contain potentially sensitive information. In turn, it deletes any files uploaded to its servers after an hour. You'll only have around 60 minutes to download, save, and share the compressed PDF outcome. After this one-hour window, the file will be permanently deleted, and you'll have to compress PDF again.


GoGoPDF offers a simplified PDF compression that you should try. It can effectively resize your PDF in an incredibly swift manner. It also includes a user-friendly PDF compressor that operates through a standardized and straightforward four-step process. In turn, you can use your PDF to use for any purposes may it be uploads, attachments, or printing.

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