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Taking photos is an easy job, but the tricky part is how to organize them. Needless to say, Apple has already got you covered here as well. And that’s Mac’s Photo App Organizer. This photo app organizer technology smartly integrates Apple’s iCloud feature. So, Mac users can easily store all the images in one place with an option to share it across all the Apple devices. Amazing!! Isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, it is imperative to store your photos systematically as it will be easy for you to find them whenever you want them. But, are you aware of its functioning? If not, let’s dive in and find out more.

Mac’s Photo Organizing App- What’s New?

We have already discussed that the photo app automatically sends the photos to iCloud drive and then makes it available on all the devices. In fact, various experts confirm that the new Photos app is one of the best ideas if anyone is looking for a reliable platform for organizing photos. 

Following are the ways Mac’s photo app organizer is coming in handy to thousands of Mac users.

  • Organizing: The New Photos app does the same thing as it does on the iPhone. It auto-sorts all your images and videos into a row under albums. The shared section displays all your shared Photo Stream images and videos into an activity log. Here you can see photos marked as favorites, or with comments, many more. So, all these distinguishing features help users to find the pictures quickly.
  • Storing: Apple is letting you enjoy the assistance of picking a resolution size when saving your images. You can save full-sized images to iCloud drive, optimized images to your iOS device, and full-size images locally to your Mac. If you sync your photos via the iCloud library, you can store original and full-size images while also having the entire library accessible across multiple devices. 
  • Importing: The photo app allows you to import a range of file types, including JPEG format files. Just like your iOS device, it also stores them in iCloud. But, photos for Mac makes it hard to find the original files for imported camera images in the Finder.
To overcome this issue, save the files in Finder and then import them into Photos on your Mac.

  • Editing: The new Photo app also saves any edits you make using the application. The editing tools in the new Photo App are mostly similar to the tools that you have in Mac. There is an auto-crop tool that can adjust your image.
It also has a new Light slider that will auto-adjust six different parameters. Moreover, it also has many retouching tools. You can even remove a freckle or zit and add many filters. 


The new Photo app has many wonderful features. You can also create and print things like calendars and books. In addition to that, Apple has also replaced its star-rating system with the option “favoriting images.” Basically, it allows you to give hearts to photos as per your preference. Thereby making your folder look more organizable and aesthetically appealing.

It can be said that many features of the app are similar to the existing ones, but still, these are a lot more powerful.

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