10 Simple Ways to Receive Faxes through Web Browser

No one likes to stay around a fax machine and wait for the incoming faxes. Additionally, it is much easier to send a fax document from a browser. That is why we did our research and found ten simple solutions that allow you to receive faxes through your web browser.

You do not even need to own a fax machine to receive those faxes anymore. Additionally, you can use them to send an international fax as well. All these solutions offer complete services and act as a virtual fax machine for you.


CocoFax is an online fax service that allows you to send or receive fax messages through a web browser. It provides a unique fax number to its registered users. Hence, you can receive any number of faxes just by providing your fax number to your contacts.

Once someone sends fax, you will be notified through an email. Additionally, you can log in to your CocoFax account and check the document there. You can connect your CocoFax account to your Google Drive to store documents securely. 

However, it has its cloud storage where all the received documents can be downloaded. Thus, there is no need to worry about keeping your documents securely.

You can visit CocoFax’s website to learn more about this solution. It will help you send free fax documents without subscribing to a membership.


RingCentral offers a wide range of services starting from fax to VoIP calls. Small businesses use their services to get reliable solutions at an affordable price. You can use this platform to receive your fax through a web browser.

It allows you to create an account on its website to use cloud storage to keep your documents. Additionally, you can make contacts on your online account to share any fax with them without entering their fax number each time you send them a fax.


PamFax is one of the largest fax service providers in the world. It has an active network in more than 200 countries and sends millions of faxes every month. This application offers some exciting features to help you manage your fax conveniently.

The only limitation of this website is that you can not send or receive any fax without a membership plan. Thus, you must subscribe to their premium membership to try their services.

That is why we suggest CocoFax as the best solution to receive free faxes.


Here is another excellent fax service provider. WestFax offers affordable plans to receive any number of faxes through your web browser or mobile application. It focuses on providing remote solutions that work for everyone.

Corporates use this service for their organization for the remote workers. Hence, it solves the main problem faced by people who do not like to stay around a fax machine all the time.

The only limitation of this website is its layout. It’s old-fashioned and does not provide easy access to the features.


As the name suggests, Fax.com is an online fax service that helps you send or receive a fax to anyone. It has a $10 plan that allows you to send 300 fax documents to your contacts. The best part is- There is no limit to receive fax documents on your online account.

The website of this application is old-fashioned and does not offer a reliable user interface. However, if this does not bother you, it can turn out as an excellent application.


Some applications work on unique fax numbers while some let you use your existing fax number. If you just want a solution to receive your fax documents from your current fax machine, then Mfax is the right application for you.

It allows you to use a fax number of a real fax machine. Therefore, you can use it as a remote platform to access your fax documents when you are away. It has Mdrive, a cloud storage service to keep your documents.


Biscom123 is one of the most convenient websites to receive fax documents online. It lets you manage your documents on secured cloud storage. Additionally, it works cross-platform, connecting you with other fax machines and service providers.

It offers two membership plans so that users can subscribe according to their requirements. Hence, you can consider this application to help you manage your documents conveniently.

Tip: Start with the basic membership and upgrade, if needed.


If you can afford a slightly expensive fax service, then you would love Nextiva. It has some advanced features to help you manage your faxes online. Additionally, it has VoIP services that help you improve your communications.

To start using this platform, you need to create a free account on the website. After that, you can upgrade whenever you need to start sending fax documents to someone. 


FaxCore is a promising platform that is growing rapidly. It is because this platform allows you to receive fax documents in the most secure way possible. When you send or receive a fax document, it encrypts the data so that no one can check what’s inside.

It includes the people monitoring your web browser or your internet service provider as the content is unreadable to the other sources. Therefore, you can consider this solution to help you out.

Microsoft Word

Here is the last surprise for you. You can use Microsoft Word to send and receive fax messages from your contacts. All you need to do is install the Microsoft Fax driver and start sharing your documents with your outlook account.

You can use this service with your Microsoft Office membership. Thus, you do not need to pay anything to keep receiving your fax documents remotely.

Final Words

There are the best solutions to receive fax documents with a web browser. Some of these applications offer free service that lets you receive unlimited copies without any charge. Thus, applications like CocoFax and Microsoft Word can help you continue your experience conveniently.

We suggest visiting the official website of CocoFax and other applications to get more reliable information about these websites. That way, you can make an informed decision.

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