4 Super Benefits of SEO for Shopify Services


Do you want to boost sales for your Shopify store? The online retailer is one of the world’s largest eCommerce sites and offers over 10,000 Australian brands. There are several ways to boost traffic and sales for your online store, including SEO for Shopify. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become more critical in recent decades, particularly after Google launched in 1998. Below are the main perks of Shopify SEO:

Boost Sales

Free advertising and brand exposure through SEO can help you find new customers and boost your online sales. When more people know about your Shopify store, your sales may significantly increase.

Industry Credibility

SEO specialists can help establish your company as a leader in your particular market. This includes information related to products, including:

  • Features;
  • Benefits;
  • How-Tos;
  • Tips;
  • Prices.
It’s valuable information for consumers since it helps them make wise purchase decisions.

Online shopping made up about 15% of Australia’s total retail market in 2020. A vast majority of consumers also turn to digital channels before making purchases, which highlights the value of improving SEO.

One takeaway is that consumers are gearing towards getting online information fast. Using SEO for online shopping helps a user avoid scrolling through several web pages to find information.

It highlights the importance of your company landing on Google’s Page 1 of search results. Studies show companies on the first page get up to 92% of web traffic, while Google’s Page 2 of SERPs get as low as 6% of web traffic.

SEO specialists can help make your Shopify store more visible by boosting rankings on search engines like Google. That, in turn, can increase your website’s credibility. Ranking on Page 1 shows that your shop is worth visiting over others on Shopify.

Free Advertising

Studies show that the average Australian company spends up to 8.5% of its revenue on marketing. One of the key benefits of SEO is it’s basically free marketing. It provides valuable information for consumers who browse the web before making purchase decisions.

A recent survey revealed that over 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations versus advertisements. Ads now have a minimal effect on convincing consumers.

SEO offers an easy and affordable way for current and potential customers to find your Shopify store through search engine results pages (SERPs). This provides a larger audience for your company. That, in turn, can help to boost visitors, sales, and growth.

Google SERPs are especially important since it processes an average of 5.5 billion searches every day, according to Internet Live Stats. This makes it critical to improve SEO, which includes the option of SEO specialists.

Customer Reviews

SEO is an efficient way to boost the quantity and average of your customer reviews. This is among various ways to achieve that goal, including review tools.

The best way to boost customer reviews is through higher sales. Increasing sales and improving 
customer service will likely boost customer reviews.

Sales are also related to SEO, so there’s no question that everything is connected. When customers respond to quality SEO, this can trigger more sales and thus more positive reviews.

If you want to increase visibility, visits, and sales for your Shopify store, then SEO for Shopify is a practical option. SEO professionals can help to provide the best results by determining the right methods for the top results.

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