Best Android Launcher Apps In 2021

Android launcher apps allow you to give a new look to your Android device. You can do a complete makeover of your Android software by installing a launcher app on your smartphone. These apps have a high demand on the app store, and every user likes to customize their Android by using a launcher app.

The stock Android launcher is a great app, allowing you to customize your home screen and widgets. Third-party Android launcher apps come into play when default ones get limited to the desires of the user.

The best feature of Android is that you can customize your phone interface by using any third-party launcher. Through these best Android launcher apps, you can personalize your smartphone with no effort. These apps modify the software design and add some extra features to your Android operating system. All the features and changes can be back to normal after choosing the default launcher.

Many Android launcher apps are present in the app stores, and you might get confused to choose a better one. In this guide, we will help you to choose the best app for you. Here we have listed the 10 Best launcher apps for Android. You can read the description and choose the best app according to your need.

Best Android Launcher Apps in 2021

1. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is a great third party Android Launcher app. It is a powerful replacement for your default launcher. It has the ability to customize the Android home screen, themes, icons, and more. Nova Launcher is one of the best choices for Android users.

Nova Launcher can change the overall look of the phone. The app is lightweight and does not use much battery. This app is great for users who like to enhance the user interface of their Android device. It provides you with an experience similar to stock Android. It also allows you to use built-in custom icon packs to modify your app's icon.

Features of Nova Launcher:

  • Have the option to set Night mode and dark theme;
  • Backup and restore settings;
  • Custom icon themes;
  • lightweight app and consume less RAM and battery;
  • Hide apps without uninstalling them.

2. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is a great app when it comes to customizing your Android home screen. It can easily replace the old interface of your Android device with its own. It comes with various features that will help you to improve the beauty of your Android software.

It also has a feature to access all your applications from the lock screen. Smart launcher 5 is a complete application and has all the features that an android launcher app has. The app is available on the Google play store and can be downloaded for free. However, it contains in-app products ranging from $0.99 – $16.99.

Features of Smart Launcher 5

  • Allows you to see on-screen notification;
  • Built-in clock widget with the weather;
  • Protect your secret apps with a pin;
  • Configurable gestures and hotkeys;
  • Completely customizable;
  • Automatic app sorting.

3. AIO Launcher

AIO launcher is a simple launcher app for your Android device. It doesn't have colorful icons or many animation effects. If you don't like animation and need a simple home screen with useful information, then the AIO launcher will be an excellent choice for you. This launcher utilizes screen space to show you the relevant information.

When you see the home screen, you’ll notice a lack of icons. Instead of filling your screen with icons, AIO Launcher fills it with information. If you like to use icon-centric launcher apps, then this app might not be suitable for you. However, it is a great lightweight Android launcher app. It is free to download but contains in-app products ranging from $3.99 – $4.99 per item.

Features of AIO Launcher

  • Widgets and Plugin support;
  • Very customizable;
  • Android widgets can be minimized by clicking them;
  • Android app widgets (Paid feature);
  • Ability to rename applications.

4. Apex Launcher


Apex Launcher is an Android launcher app that allows you to replace your stock launcher. It also adds new options and some extra features to your Android device. It comes with 9 customizable home screens, transition effects, widgets, icons, and many more things.

This app can fulfill most of the requirements related to customization. The app also comes with an App lock feature that allows you to lock your Android apps and games. The app also supports gesture functions through which you can quickly switch between apps.

Features of Apex Launcher

  • App Lock feature to lock your apps;
  • Quick search and Gesture feature;
  • Backup and restore your settings;
  • lightweight and fast;
  • Advanced theme engine;
  • Optimized for most phones and tablets.

5. APUS Launcher


Apus Launcher is a simple launcher with a clean interface. It helps you to keep your application in an arranged manner. The app was launched in 2014. It was steadily gaining popularity, now it is one of the best launcher apps for Android with the highest rating on the Google play store with 100 Million+ downloads.

On the default screen, it shows the most common and popular apps. Rest applications will be added according to their categories. It is a simplistic and free-to-use app that comes with a friendly user interface. It also provides you with stylish & beautiful mobile themes to make your Android home screen stylish. Same as the previous app, it also has a feature to hide your apps and games.

Features of Apus Launcher

  • A good collection of mobile themes;
  • App lock feature to lock your desired Android apps;
  • customizable widget;
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

6. Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft Launcher is an app launcher for Android developed by Microsoft. It provides a great home screen experience to users. It allows you to be more productive on your Android device. It doesn't have an elegant look but still has every feature that a user needs in an Android launcher app.

Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable and allows you to customize almost everything on your phone. It also provides you personalized news so you can always stay informed and updated with world affairs. This launcher also supports a dark theme. This makes it easier to use the app during the night.

Features of Microsoft Launcher

  • Customizable icons;
  • Dark Theme - Best for night time;
  • Personalized news;
  • Enjoy fresh wallpapers on your home screen every day;
  • Landscape mode to enhance your viewing experience.

7. POCO Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 has been launched by Xiaomi Inc. The UI of this Android launcher app looks similar to Pocophone F1. So if you ever used Pocophone F1, then you are friendly with this launcher app. It is a smart and lightweight Android launcher app specially designed for Android devices.

It is high in performance and beautiful in look. It also provides you some customization options so you can easily customize this app as you like. Poco launcher put all of your apps into an app drawer. This makes your home screen clean. Now let's have a look at the features of this app.

Features of Poco Launcher 2

  • App drawer;
  • Allows you to manage apps;
  • Hide your essential apps from the home screen;
  • Fast and smooth;
  • Great design.

So this is the list of some best Android launcher app that you must try on your Android device. Fond this post useful? Feel free to comment below.

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