How Do I Make Windows 10 That Sends Faxes?

Windows and personal computers are like bread and butter purposed towards the same destination. The interface is highly recognized around the globe and is used as a standard for all of your computer-related processes. The best thing is that it is highly compatible with all kinds of software.

The new privilege of online fax sending is a highly remarkable process by which you can easily learn and intimidate the processes of sending the fax online. Many suspicions arise that include whether the online fax service can be commenced through the traditional windows 10. Here is what you need to know.

Cocofax: Online Fax Service:

CocoFax is all that you need to send the faxes online through any operating device. The most noticeable feature of this application is that it can be easily sued and recognized within all the frames of operating systems. CocoFax eliminates your issues through the faxing online platform of GoogleFaxfree and is a brilliant service for your online fax transfer.


Owing to its brilliance and its competency, CocoFax and its service is endorsed and highly reinforced by certain to-pioneers of the world such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and New York Times. You can guess the popularity of this service that it is endorsed by Google Fax Free and is used for millions of daily users across the globe.

What Makes CocoFax Different?

CocoFax is a highly portable and easy to use the application as it needs no further assessment by the operating systems and can also work on windows 10. CocoFax is a brilliant service that provides you with the privilege of sending the fax online and through ultimate and specific sources to ensure the safe transfer of your precious data.

CocoFax needs no hidden charges or other hidden expenses and therefore, simply provides you with a month free trial to help you identify why it is the best software that works regardless of your operating systems and administers high-quality fax services.

CocoFax is the only application you can fully rely on to make sure that all of your issues are dealt with easily and you can easily go for simple online fax service. Through the service, you obtain numerous benefits that are stated clearly as follows.

Can I Send The Fax On Windows 10?

CocoFax is super-adept in dealing with all of your fax transfers and immediately rectifying the issues if caused by any abnormality. The best thing that can be noticed is that it can be used by any computer or even a mobile phone and possesses the capability to run on any operating system.

CocoFax provides you with a fully interactive and responsive interface by which you can easily get your fax sent and delivered across the globe within a few seconds. This is the most noticeable feature of this application that makes it stand apart from the rest and renders it the best.

CocoFax is customer-oriented and therefore is rapid in dealing with any issues. You can subscribe to our monthly offer and avail all of the privileges we provide to our valued clients. We make sure that no issue is faced by the customers in this regard and we ensure your digital security as well.

How Can I Send the Fax on Windows10: The Procedure

CocoFax is a super application in dealing with your issues and therefore provides you with a free of cost measure that helps ensure your satisfaction in all regards possible. Here is all that you may need to do:

Step 1:

The easiest step to send the fax on Windows 10 is by visiting our official website called Once you open the website, you may find a tab that says “Register your account”. This is from where you can easily register your account and make a separate account.

Step 2:

The next step is to locate the credentials on the new tab that has just been turned open. Once you get the tab, you are provided with a free and easy identification number that is called the fax number which is different to every person and marks your identity in every regard.

Step 3:

The last step is actually the use of all of the steps mentioned above. Once you enter your credentials and E-mail address, the account is formed and is, therefore, can be easily used and employed for all of your needs. Click on the send option to immediately send the fax to the desired person in under a minute.

Can We Also Receive Fax On Windows 10?

Many persons are concerned with the problem of sending the fax on your computer and therefore it has been easily tackled within the previous text. However many people are concerned and often ask questions regarding the receiving process by which you can easily receive the fax on your computer and Windows 10 in particular.

The answer to this frequently asked question is a yes and you can always receive different kinds of fax on your computer and Windows 10. CocoFax immediately converts the received file into a digital PDF file which can be used immediately once you open it. You can now easily receive all of the fax on your computer and use it in less than a minute as CocoFax converts your files.


Many problems were associated with the process of fax and it required a lot of handworks to be done to ensure the sending and receiving. However, with the help of this new and advanced application of CocoFax, you can easily send or receive your fax on your computer at any time and use it rapidly.
CocoFax makes sure that no issue is faced by the clients and the fax is sent and received across the computers through all of the operating software. No competitor bestows your services such as what CocoFax provides. Make sure to avail of the trial and sue this application to the fullest.

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