List Of Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Websites

In computing, Avatar is a graphical representation of a person. Avatar can be 2D or 3D. However, the 2D avatar can be used as a profile picture on internet forums and social media sites. The 3D avatar can be used in-game or in a virtual world.

Cartoon avatar maker sites like Picrew can be used to create your own customized cartoon avatar with a few clicks. Nowadays, there is a trend to put a cartoon profile picture on several social media sites. If you are looking for such sites that let you create your own customized cartoon avatar, then you might find this place interesting. Here we have listed some best sites that allow you to design your cartoon avatar.

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List Of  Best Cartoon Avatar Maker Sites

1. FaceYourManga


FaceYourManga is an app that lets users design avatars for themselves and others. There is no rocket science required to build an avatar. Creating an avatar on FaceYourManga is a simple procedure. It comes with powerful graphic engine technology and contains all the features that Avatar maker sites have.

To join the community of FaceYourManga, the user has to create an account by going to the registration page. Once the registration is finished, now it is possible to create custom avatars as you like. Predefined templates are also available to make your job easier. However, there is also an option to start from scratch. Avatars can be saved, later can be used as a profile picture on any social media site. Joining the community is free of charge to save and download creation requires a premium account.

2. Cartoonify

Cartoonify allows you to create cartoons like avatar online. Creating an avatar on Cartoonify is an easy process. You only have to choose between its face, eyes, hair, clothes, and even a background. Afterward, you can save your avatar in .svg or in .png format.

It also has a premium version that lets you create awesome premium handmade cartoons. You can also use its avatar as a profile pic on the website and social media sites.

3. My Blue Robot


My Blue Robot is a cartoon avatar maker site that lets you create your own custom avatar. It allows you to choose between face, eyes, hair, clothes, and background. No registration is needed to create and download an avatar from the site.

After creating an avatar, you can simply download it in Png format by clicking on the blue download button.

4. Avachara Avatar

avachara avatar

Avachara is one of the best and easy to use web apps for creating custom avatars. Avachara comes with all the features that the best avatar maker must-have. The created avatar can be used in social networks, message boards, forums, and more.

5. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is a web application that provides several character avatars for free. You can add these avatars to your social media or blog as a profile picture. There is also an option to create your own custom avatar in few clicks. Tip, the avatar can be downloaded by clicking the green download button.

6. PickaFace


It is a free cartoon avatar maker web application that lets you create a custom online avatar for free. You have to register on the site to start making avatars. No cost is required to become a registered user of the website.

Pickaface uses flash to make an avatar. You have to use an internet browser that supports a flash player.

7. DoppelMe


Through DoppleMe, you can create some cool avatars. There are no Flash, ActiveX controls, downloads, or toolbars needed to make a cartoon avatar. Avatar can get ready in few mouse clicks. Click on the "create" button on the website to get started.

8. Dude Factory


Dude Factory is one of the best websites that let you create your own personal digital avatar. Design your avatar of girl or boy from clothes, items, backgrounds, and several body parts. You can also customize your instant messenger by adding several avatars to it.

9. Get Avataaars


It is a free cartoon avatar maker that lets you create several types of cartoons icon for free. You can choose from color, eye, clothes, facial hair, eyebrow, mouth, skin, and accessories to make a unique avatar. If you are confused about what to make, you can click on the random button, and the system will generate a random avatar for you. You can click on the blue PNG or SVG button to download in these formats.

10. Placeit Avatar Maker


This web app is great for gamers who want to make an avatar for their Twitch or YouTube gaming channel. There is no need for any special skills or complicated software. With Placeit's avatar maker, you can create your avatar from your browser in few clicks.


Finding the best avatar maker is a tedious process. That's why we decided to make a list of some best cartoon avatar makers for you. You can choose any avatar maker from the above to get started. Also, feel free to comment below on your favorite avatar maker.

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