How Do I Know Someone's Background via Computer

Back in time, people used to ask other people about a specific person to know about his background, family, and such things. It was a time taking process indeed. Nowadays, nobody has enough time to spend only on finding someone's background.

To cover this problem, a solution is required by which we can determine the background, but within the most minimal time. A piece of good news over here is that we will introduce such a precise application and help you find someone's background.

What is TruthFinder

It is a public record search service that digs more in-depth than Google. It was developed back in 2015 to allow people to find anyone within the United States with just a few details (first name and last name.

It is an application developed in America and has helped many Americans find specific people. However, it is an American application but allows the users to find about certain people in almost all the states. Heed towards its official page of TruthFinder to learn more about it.

TruthFinder scans billions of records, social media networks, and much more to find out about a person the user is looking for. It also tells about the criminal records, so if somebody's going to rent out any property, they can first check the background and descriptions of that person and then lend them their property for rent.

Following are some of the questions usually asked. So without wasting another second, go through them and clear your mind of the things you are thinking about, TruthFinder.

TruthFinder is safe

This question can come to anyone's mind that is it even safe to be utilized? So my people kick out this worry from the brain as it is entirely safe and secure to be used. And the icing on the cake is that it is also legal.

It never saves you credit card information, which you provide at the time to subscribe to its services. All the information you provide is protected with the PCL-certified partners. Not on the systems of TruthFinder.

Also, it keeps your connection safe through 128-bit encryption, certified and approved SSL. So, there is no chance that we will, or anyone else will misuse your information. Get your brains off from such worries when you are starting your voyage with TruthFinder.

TruthFinder is also available in the application; you don't always need a PC to find anything about someone. Now wherever you will go, the application will go with you. At any time at any moment, you can search for the person you want to know. The application is available on both the play store and app store.

TruthFinder and its Fame

TruthFinder in no time becomes the application that is loved by all. People trust it because it provides the most authentic stuff. It has been named on some significant communication platforms, namely Bustle, Hawaii News Now, CNET, HuffPost, etc.

The blog

TruthFinder itself publishes Infomania, a blog devoted to trending issues, tips, and deceives about wrongdoing, wellbeing, innovation, and mainstream society. It is informative side by side, helpful for the people.

TruthFinder Community

It is not just a mere finding application, but it is a community in itself. People follow up on various media means to stay updated about the happenings taking place in their vicinity. You can follow them up on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Customers Satisfaction

The satisfaction of the customers is their priority. They have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And they are currently dealing with about 9.5 million sessions every month. They have scored five-stars from many of their satisfied customers.

They also outfit the customers with the service they can speak in person to the customer care department member. The clients can also message them with the queries they have or the problem they want to be solved.

The customer care is open from Monday – Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PST* (10:00 am – 10 pm EST* ). Also, keep in mind that holiday timings do vary.

What can it be used for?

As per the topic of our article, you can only search for some person's background. So you might have considered it a little wrong because by using its services, you can look out for your neighbors, check about some criminals, sex offender's database that isn't someone living you nearby.

You can also look out for online sellers who aren't scam, find your former classmates, check for your crush's data even most importantly, search about yourself as self-reputation is very important as a result, you will get to know what people dig upon you. So, go happy searching.

What can't be it used for?

As we have stated earlier, you can use TruthFinder, but there are also certain things for which we cannot use it. You cannot use it to give someone financial help, scholarship, or other related items.

It cannot also be used to check someone if you give or take someplace for commercial, household use, or even on lease. People can't use it to limit upon someone to provide them with a job, promotion, loans, etc.

What do the users have to pay to utilize the services?

The users should stay very calm because TruthFinder is among the most pocket-friendly applications out there. The amount a user has to pay varies according to the package he subscribes to.

But let us tell you that a standard membership package offers unlimited reports. Also, it allows the users to determine the tenure they want TruthFinder's services, whether it is one or two months.

How to run TruthFinder

It is straightforward to run. All you are in need to do is to make an account at its official site. Once you are done, you can log-in at any time with minimal requirements (email id and the password).

After logging in, you can start your searching work. All you have to enter is the name, email address, or phone number. You can see the thing you have and click the search button.

Then TruthFinder will show you the information, records it has regarding that person. You can also move to the menu on the left side and see the details or else you can scroll and reach the details.


Reach out to its official page to learn everything about this application because it is not a tool to miss. Also, you can disable the services at any time you want. You can take the guide from customer care at any time you are in trouble.

Please give us feedback regarding this application and tell us what else you want to see in our articles. We are looking forward to your response.

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