Best Websites To Download Free PC Games

Every gamer would like to play PC games when it is free of cost. Many games are present on the internet at a way high cost. Some sites offer the same game for free, some of them offer the same game at a high price. This article will help you to download costly PC games for free. Here we curated a list of the best website that lets you download PC games for free. However, Some games might be chargeable. Some of these sites also do a giveaway of paid games for free.

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Best Sites to Download Free PC Games

1. Steam


Steam is the ultimate online game platform that allows you to download and play several PC games. It contains almost every game that is available for PC. Some groups of the steam community also offer few games free of cost. It allows gamers to store a tremendous collection of games without utilizing too much computer memory. To use Steam, You have to download and install the Steam engine or app on your computer. Steam also contains free to play game section where you can find games that are free to play.

2. My Abandonware

my abandonware

My Abandonware is one of the best sites to download retro games for PC. It contains all the abandoned games that are launched from 1978 to 2010. So if you like to play old games, then this site is excellent for you. Almost all games are available for free, and there is no registration or signup procedure is required to play these games. It contains Retro games such as Sid Meier's Civilization, Oregon trail deluxe, Prince of Persia, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries, and more.

3. Ocean of Games


As the name indicates, ocean of games is one of the best sites to download high-quality paid PC Games for free. It hosts almost every popular game that you would like to play on your PC. This site also allows you to download PC games in small size. Games can be downloaded in ISO, Zip, and RAR format. This site contains popular games like GTA V, Watch Dogs2, Sleeping Dogs, Resident Evil 7, and more.

4. Origin


Origin is a digital distribution platform that lets you play and purchase video games. However, some free video games are also obtainable on the origin website. All the games are easily downloadable to play on your PC. On this site, you will always get a genuine copy of the game. So there is no chance to get a virus on your PC. During sales, you can get costly games at a cheap rate.

5. GOG


GOG is one of the best websites to download original copies of PC games. This is a paid site to download games, But sometimes they offer up to 85% off on a particular game that is nearly equal to free. It is a legitimate website and contains virus-free games. They also give some premium games for free yearly.

6. Epic Games Store


It is one of the best sites to download PC games for free. Epic Games Store gives you a free game every week. Check their site regularly to get new free PC games every week. This site lets you download original copies of video games. There is no chance to load any kind of malware to your PC while downloading the game.

7. CNET Download


CNET Download is also a great place to download free PC games. It is an Internet download directory website that also contains windows games in almost all categories including, driving, action, adventure, arcade, board, card games, simulation, sports, strategy games, and more.

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So above are some best website that lets you download PC games for free. You must download paid games from a genuine site to get the original copy of the games, or you may end up having some kind of virus on your PC. We always encourage you to buy paid games. However, if you want to play free games, then the "ocean of games" site would be a great fit for you.

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