League of Legends: wild rift beginners guide and Download on PC

Playing any MOBA mobile game can be a challenging experience. You not only need to strategize your gameplay but also learn about every single character and its power. Master yourself in different tricks and skills to play against your enemy and go for a big win. You will get to know how to buy and chose the right items by in-game purchases. Even though you are playing the League of Legends mobile version but still you will learn a different set of skills to be competitive enough to fight against your enemy.

This beginner’s guide will give you all the related information and tools to boost up your gameplay and play it like a pro.

Wild rift is a MOBA:

MOBA is the multiplayer online battle arena; Wild rift is a MOBA typically with five players going up against five other enemies in a battle arena. If this is your first MOBA or if you are familiar with this genre of gaming, then it will be simple for you to understand and this guide will help you. The map of the wild rift is small and also the duration of the match is 15 minutes which is user-friendly. The map in wild rift is dividing into half diagonally by a river. The map is mirrored and is divided into two teams of five. Opponent territory or called Nexus is protected by different turrets. Your main goal is to destroy that enemy's Nexus.

Each player will gain experience which is XP as they proceed in the game. They will gain up gold and coins which will ultimately help them to buy more and more items for their characters which are referred to as Champions in this game. As the game starts the top half is controlled by the enemy and the bottom half is controlled by you.

Understand the Map:

There are three basic lanes between your and enemies base plus there is barren lane and Dragon lane which extends out. There will some areas of fog vision or war. See the black dots on the small map on the screen means there is low visibility there adding more and more complexity and thrill to the game. The fountain and base where everyone spawns and where you can increase your health points. You will respawn there when you will be dead there. Plus, there will a large blue crystal which is called Nexus, you aim to protect your Nexus while planning to destroy the enemies Nexus. There will be three types of minions that are present in the lane and will start attacking after the release of the first wave. There will be the release of wave after every 25 seconds. The jungle is the place which is placed between different lanes and is occupied by different person. It is significant because the jungler can create a two versus one situation to pressurize your enemy. Your champion will function properly as you go down your specific lane. You will be surrounded by turrets that are there in your area to destroy your enemies or give damage to them when they will come near to those turrets. Turrets have a solid 3000 HP and will give your extra gold.

Positioning your Champions:

There are different champions that you can place during the time of the attack and this will lead you to the win. There are five different positions where you can place your enemies depending upon the ability damage of attack damage. The top or Barren lane is mostly for the melee champions and you will place your champions there which are suitable for it. The middle lane is mostly with champions who are assassins and can attack well or the Dragon lane is mostly with marksmen. Marksmen give the most damage and are mostly suitable there.

After following most of the tips and tricks and the basic guideline to begin with you will be able to control your characters well and can lead your team for a great win. You can enhance your skills and gaming experience by playing League of legends: wild rift on PC by using LDPlayer.

Wild rift on LDPlayer:

LDPlayer is the perfect match for you to play wild rift on PC. So get your keyboard and mouse and start playing wild rift on PC with big screens of your computer and unlimited battery life. You can customize your controls on LDPlayer for the wild rift. All this is for your ease.


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