The Best App to Hack Someone's Kik

If you're like most parents in the US, you've probably noticed a growing relationship between your child and their phone. They seem to be in constant communication with their "friends from school." And you are not allowed to see any of it.

Kik, for example, is one of the newer messaging tools that has become popular with kids and teenagers. They can exchange photos, videos, and texts, giving parents one more reason to stay on top of things.

And that's where Spyier comes in.


It is an award-winning mobile spy tool that promises complete access to a target phone, and it works on Android and iOS devices.

Discover Spyier

Spyier is a popular spying app that serves customers in 190+ countries. It has also featured in top publications, including Forbes, The New York Times, and Livewire.


With this tool, you can conveniently monitor Kik activity, keylogs, and access other pro-level tracking data. These features make it particularly useful at keeping tabs on children, but it can work for spouses and employees too.

Why is Spyier the best KIK spy tool?

Spyier is a light-weight, robust, and stealthy mobile spy tool that anyone can use. The app creators have done a great job with the user interface, making a seemingly complicated task easy for non-tech people. However, it is their no-rooting and no jailbreak solution that takes the cake.

Jailbreaking is not exactly a walk in the park. It needs special tech skills, specialty software, and a lot of time to complete the task. And when it's done, you can forget about the phone's warranty and be prepared to deal with malware. Talk about an inconvenience.

Spyier found a way around this complex task, presenting users with an easy method to gain full access to the target phone. It takes 5 minutes to complete the initial setup on Android and iOS, and you'll never have to touch the target phone again.

Then there is the brilliant keylogger feature. It keeps a clean record of all the keystrokes on the device, giving you access to passwords and anything typed in membership sites. This information will be available to you on-demand at any point after setup.

What Features Can You Expect from Spyier

Kik spy – See every message on your child's phone, including any pictures and video. You might not watch the entire video, but you will see a short preview that paints a pretty clear view of the content inside. This feature saves on disk space, which plays a significant role in making the app discrete.

Call tracker – View all incoming and outgoing calls on your target phone. This feature keeps a record of call durations, timestamps, and the contact information for the person on the other end. Use this information to find out more about contacts who pop up too many times on the call log.

Track location: Keep tabs of your child's location using Spyier's powerful tracking feature. You'll never worry about where your child goes after school or who they invite when you leave. This feature uses GPRS technology to pinpoint a target's location within a 20-meter radius.

Track website history: Get access to all the websites your target visits, even if they delete the history. This trusty feature comes in handy when dealing with an elusive teenager who always finds a new messaging site that does not require a download to work.
That is also an excellent way to know what your target is doing on the dark web when you're not looking.

Track SIM Location: This feature compliments GPRS tracking by confirming the target's actual location using cell towers. The app sends an open signal, and any cell tower that responds to the call helps locate the target phone.

How to Hack Someone's Kik

Getting started with Spyier is easy. It begins with signing up for an admin account on, then choosing a plan, which determines the access level you get. That includes the number of devices you can add to the account the duration of your subscription and the features you can access using the plan.


Paying for an annual subscription gives you access to huge discounts, but you can also opt for a monthly subscription for a short project.

After paying, the site will lead you to a download page. It contains a link to the app you need to install on the target device. You can download it on your phone then send it to the target phone via Bluetooth or another sharing app. It is also possible to use the browser on a target phone to download the Spyier app.

At this point, you're ready to start the install. You'll need to play around with the Google settings a bit to make it work, but that is nothing compared to a rooting requirement. It also takes 10 minutes or less to complete the entire setup, and Spyier's support is always happy to help.

People using the iOS platform do not need to tweak any settings. But they will need the iCloud credentials of the target phone to access Spyier's features. That makes it easy to set up, especially when dealing with your child's phone.

After successful installation, the app should be ready for spying. Now head over to and log into your account. It will open a dashboard with all the information you need to see on your child's phone. Click on any of the tracking tabs on the left, and you should see a complete report of everything on that tab.

For example, clicking on the "calls" tab brings you to a call log with details of incoming and outgoing calls.

The Takeaway

Spyier is your best option when looking to spy on your child's online activities. It tracks most messaging apps, including Kik, WhatsApp, and Facebook, making it a secret weapon for any concerned parent. Now factor in the award-winning location tracking features, and you'll see why millions of parents keep coming back to Spyier.

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