6 Best iOS Launchers For Android To Try in 2021

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. It is a popular OS that is used in billions of devices. The best thing about Android is that it is highly customizable, and you can customize it according to your need.

Some users like to choose Android devices over iOS devices. The main reason for choosing Android is that Android devices come with numerous customization options at low prices, and the iOS device comes with fewer customization options at a high price. Got an Android TV? Have a look at the best Android TV launcher apps.

This article could be excellent for users who want to convert Android outer UI to look and feel like the UI of an iOS device. To do that, you will need the Best iOS launcher for Android. If you've lost your Phone, then you have to learn How to track a phone using Android or iOS.

iOS launcher for Android is nothing but an Android application that lets you give your Android device the same look as iOS. There are thousands of iOS launchers app are available on Google Playstore. You might get confused about which iOS launcher would be best for your Android device. To make it easier for you to choose, we have made a list of all trending, popular, and Best iOS launchers for Android.

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Best iOS Launchers For Android To Try in 2021

  • Launcher iOS 14;
  • iPhone X Launcher;
  • iPhone 12 launcher;
  • iLauncher OS;
  • Launcher iPhone;
  • X Launcher Lite;

1. Launcher iOS 14 - best iOS launcher for android

Launcher iOS 14 could be excellent for you if you are looking to give your Android device the same look like iOS 14. This app is not limited to changing the interface of your device. It also has some extra features that make your device even more like an iPhone.

It has various customization like adjust the size of the icons, configures gesture shortcuts, changes icons from the gallery, icon pack, and many more. It is a dominant iOS launcher for Android devices that gives a beautiful look to your Android smartphone. It also comes with several HD wallpapers to choose from. It lets you change the icon of apps from the icon pack.

2. iPhone X Launcher - best iOS launcher for android


iPhone X Launcher gives your Android device the look of iOS 13. It is a customizable launcher through which you can adjust the appearance of the front screen to make it more beautiful. It also lets you combine few additional features.

Some primary features of this app include change the symbol of the application, Custom status bar, Themes, and Gestures. With the gestures option, you can set several gestures to perform a specific action. Want to give your device an incredible look like iOS 13? You can go for iPhone X Launcher.

3. iPhone 12 launcher - best iOS launcher for android

iPhone 12 launcher is the most downloaded launcher on Google Playstore. It comes with a New iPhone ios 14 themes that will make your Android phone look like a real iPhone X. This launcher is known for its ease of use.

You can quickly launch all the apps from the home screen. It has several cool features that you would like to use such as, quick search, stunning wallpaper, a lock screen display, and more. The developer has created a user interface that almost looks like the interface of the iPhone X.

4. iLauncher OS - best iOS launcher for android


iLauncher OS is a lightweight, powerful home screen launcher for Android devices that lets your Android device look like an iOS device. It works smoothly on all devices with Android 4.1 or higher. All the features are nearly the same as other launchers that we mentioned above.

This launcher works smoothly even on low-end devices. It also lets you set gestures to open a specific app. All the apps are available on the Desktop, so there is no need for an app drawer.

5. Launcher iPhone - best iOS launcher for android


As the name indicates, the Launcher iPhone lets you Experience the apple interface right on your android phone. You can switch your Android launcher to Launcher iPhone in 1 click. It comes with the latest all-in-one home screen, iOS 14.

The primary features of this app include a notification center, control center, lock screen, assistive touch, smart search, change icon, gestures, and more. Tip, swipe down to display a notification bar like iPhone X, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro.

6. X Launcher Lite - best iOS launcher for android


X Launcher Lite is one of the beautiful iOS launchers available for Android devices. It is a lightweight launcher and comes with features like a control center, themes, app manager, icon badges, and many more.  It comes with iOS13, and it allows you to customize your Android device to look like iOS13.

It lets you modify the icons and names of the apps. It comes with thousands of themes to choose from. It comes with all the features that a normal iOS launcher must-have.

Android launcher lovers can read our article on the Best Launcher themes for Android. If you are a gamer, you can Download GTA 5 Mobile. Note: It is a modified version.

So these are some best iOS launchers for Android that are available on Google Playstore. If we have missed any popular iOS launcher, then feel free to mention it in the comment section.


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