Lumonitor Review: A Self Powered 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Nowadays, Portable Monitors like Lumonitor are maturing a popular way to work on the go. There is a distinct advantage of the big screen when it comes to working on your PC. Working or playing games from your laptop or Mobile device can be a nightmare, especially if you have a small screen device. If tiny display size is the problem, then we would like to suggest Lumonitor. Lumonitor is a self-powered 4K touchscreen portable monitor.

Lumonitor is excellent for users who like to extend the laptop screen or scale up a mobile device. It comes with several features that can both boost productivity and improve the experience.

What is Lumonitor?


Lumonitor is a self-powered portable touchscreen monitor with a 4k resolution. It can be used for working, gaming, and more.

It eliminates cords and emphasizes high-speed ports, a built-in battery, and a cordless design. It is compatible with all devices, operating systems, and cables.

Its 4k touchscreen gives you 4K resolution with over 8 million pixels. Additionally, it comes with hi-fi stereo speakers to enhance your listening experience.  It is a lightweight monitor easy to take it anywhere you want.

Why should you Buy Lumonitor?

There are several advantages of buying Lumonitor. Lumonitor saves the day. Even if your batteries are totally dead, Lumonitor will boot up your devices again so you can get back to work. Connect to a digital player like Chromecast, Fire Stick, or Roku, and use Lumonitor as a stand-alone tablet. Enjoy 4 hours of uninterrupted productivity even without a power source. 

You can also watch the above video to know more about Lumonitor.

Below are few more advantages of Lumonitor that will let you know why should you buy Lumonitor:
  • 4K Ultra HD monitor;
  • Comes with touchscreen;
  • It is fully customizable and allows you to personalize your productivity;
  • Supports all device, operating systems, and cables;
  • Built-in battery that stays charged up to 4 hours;
  • Lightweight and highly portable;
  • Fast response time;
  • Hi-Fi stereo speakers to enhance your listening experience;
  • It can connect with multiple Lumonitors or other external monitors.

Features of Lumonitor

Some great features of Lumonitor you need to know.


4K Ultra HD Display

It comes with a 15.6” 4K Ultra HD Display that allows you to see Brilliant Color and Clarity at a native 4K resolution. Its 4k resolution will give you an enhanced experience while gaming or doing any work. There are currently two versions of this screen being offered on the Lumonitor official site, a 1080p version for $349 and a 4K version for $449.

Comes with a full Touchscreen

Double your productivity with the lightweight ultraportable touchscreen monitor. It comes with PinPoint touch technology that gives you more enhancement while playing popular games. Its touchscreen lets you control almost everything on the screen at your fingertips.

Whether you want to do office work or want to play games, a touchscreen can speed up the process. Saving a few seconds on each task adds up to valuable time.

Gaming Ready


Gaming monitors like Lumonitor do more than just display your games in high resolution. While just about any computer monitor can display a visual representation of what you’re doing on your computer, only excellent monitors made for gaming can deliver a truly immersive visual experience.

Lumonitor is designed for use in gaming. Lumonitor is a gaming-ready monitor that lets you enjoy video games in a lag-free environment. So if you are a gamer looking to play games on a wide 4k screen, then lumonitor is for you. You can easily play the most popular games on lumonitor.

4 hours of battery life

It comes with a dual 4000mAh built-in battery. After fully charged, you can work or play the game on lumonitor for up to 4 hours. You can watch the above video from the lumonitor team to see how long Lumonitor runs on battery power.

Plug and Play


No rocket science is needed to use lumonitor. Even no setup, software, or apps are required. Lumonitor gets ready as soon as you plug in your device, and you will be able to share photos, music, and movies in astonishing 4K and Hi-Fi sound from any device.

Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers


It comes with Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers. These speakers are passive speakers that require an external power amplifier with speaker outputs. These speakers produce accurate and crystal clear sounds that could enhance your experience.


If you require such a self-powered 4k touchscreen portable monitor, then you must go for a lumonitor. You can learn more about lumonitor on the Lumonitor website

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