Why Do I need Server Hosting? [What it is & How it Works]


Server hosting is a critical part of the communications infrastructure of the digital age. It is projected to be worth $216 billion by 2025 - along with an 18% year-over-year growth in other cloud computing services.

If you are an individual looking to start a website for a business, then you will need to have server hosting. Server hosting allows your website to be accessed by anyone using the internet. Having a domain name alone is not enough. Your domain name is only the unique identifier by which people find your website.

Keep reading to learn more about server hosting, how it works, and which server hosting solution is right for you.

What Is Server Hosting?

Web server hosting is the infrastructure used to store and relay the information created on your website across the world wide web. A web hosting company will have a number of active servers that protect and store files for you.

That company will charge you a fee for storing and accessing the files on their servers. These files consist mainly of HTML and CSS files that create the structure of your web pages - and much of the rest of the internet.

How Does Server Hosting Work?

A web server host, typically hosted on remote cloud servers, will charge you a monthly or annual fee for the service they provide to you. You could take it upon yourself to host a server at your own business or home - but the costs and maintenance, whether in the cloud or on-premises, can begin to pile up quickly.

To avoid the technical issues that arise with hosting your own server, you can work with a web hosting company instead. A dedicated web hosting company will manage all the maintenance, security, repairs, and any other backend concerns involving maintaining server hosting.

Should we mention security again? With an average of 30,000 websites hacked on a daily basis, it really isn't something to take lightly. Not if you want to maintain the integrity of your customers' data.

Which Server Hosting Solution Is Right for You?

You may start to notice different options for web hosting services as you continue your research. A great resource is www.bestructured.com - where you can find more helpful information about hosting services based on your storage requirements, level of support needed, speed, reliability, and more.

The types of server hosting options available to you are:
  • Dedicated Server Hosting;
  • Shared Server Hosting;
  • Cloud Server Hosting;
  • VPN Server Hosting.

You are guaranteed to find a solution in one of these types of server hosting platforms. Make sure to ask your next web hosting company about which one of these services is available to you. As your company begins to change and grow, so will your web hosting. You want a web hosting company that has the ability to change and adapt to you.

Find Your Next Hosting Company Now

Having server hosting without a great company to provide it to you, is a vulnerability you can't afford. You don't want to risk the security of your data, or the possibility of a server breaking down and your website being offline.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to continue reading more about web server hosting and other modern technology solutions for your business, and let us know what you thought about the article below.

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