5 Number Puzzles For Kids

Learning and applying the concept of the number system is highly crucial for kids to master other math concepts even from an elementary stage. Numbers form the basic building block of math studies that kids must learn. Recreational activities like math puzzles and fun games are an efficient way to implement the learning of this vital concept.

Maths games and activities like number puzzles can help to promote a child’s interest in numeracy. They are a great way to help engage kids with numbers and to understand the purpose of learning them. Playing number puzzles helps develop strategic thinking in kids to promote their math skills. These puzzles allow children to work at their own pace to improve basic maths learning.

Numbers Puzzles help in boosting a child’s interest in math learning by making it enjoyable. They also help eliminate the stress and fear of performing well in math studies, thus helping kids explore and learn more. Playing such puzzles help your child grasp diverse mathematical concepts by building their math fluency in various topics.

With the help of these puzzles, kids can easily establish number sense to answer some most tricky math problems with ease. These number puzzles are also used in various interviews and competitive exams to test the strategizing capabilities of an aspirant. It is surely an amazing way to learn math better through interesting applications.

Here are 5 amazing number puzzles for kids:

Cross-Figure Puzzle

Cross-figure or cross number puzzle is quite similar to a crossword puzzle except for the entries that contain numbers rather than words. This puzzle involves putting individual digits in the blank cells based on provided clues. The clues can be based on guessing some arithmetic operations performed on the given numbers. Solving such puzzles promotes the appropriate approach to solve math problems for establishing core math concepts with ease.

Fruit Math Puzzles

These interesting fruit riddles are quite helpful for kids to exercise their brain & improve creativity for logical thinking. By playing these interesting fruit math puzzles, kids can learn problem-solving by establishing a deep understanding of numbers and applying various operations to them. Usually, these puzzles involve fruits assigned with some numerical value to perform basic arithmetic operations on them.

Number Jigsaw

Number Jigsaw involves arranging pieces of a puzzle together by putting the right numbers in the empty spaces to make the sums correct. Playing this puzzle requires concentration and numeracy skills. It is an easy way of learning for kids that provide age-appropriate challenges to build visualized learning and logical thinking. These interesting math puzzles are efficient in improving the short-term memory and problem-solving skills of kids.


Sudoku is a logic-based, combinational number-placement puzzle. It is a great approach to develop logic in kids while they can have fun. It just requires basic math knowledge of numbers to complete this puzzle. It is suitable for kids as young as 7 or 8 years. Young kids can enjoy solving a fun grid game that involves filling a nine by nine grid with digits. The numbers in this grid are to be filled in such a way so that each column, each row, and each of the three by three subgrids will contain all of the digits from one to nine.


Brain Teasers number puzzles are a type of math puzzle that implements the concept of number sequences, number patterns, number comparison, and so on. They often come in many different forms, like a riddle, question, or activity. A brain teaser requires a little extra brainpower to understand and solve. However, brain teasers for young kids are a bit less tricky than other abstract problems as they are supposed to be more enjoyable for kids to learn numbers.

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