Why Fallout 76 was so badly received

If you’re a big RPG fan then the Fallout game series can surely grab your attention. Back in 1997, the first installment of the Fallout game series was initially introduced, developed, and published by Bethesda Softworks. Now, there are 6 different game titles in the series as mentioned below.
  1. Fallout;
  2. Fallout 2;
  3. Fallout 3;
  4. Fallout: New Vegas;
  5. Fallout 4;
  6. Fallout 76.
Inspired by the post-World War II nuclear paranoia of the 1950s, the gameplay and story of every fallout game are quite the same. The series is somehow based on the Mad Max film series, sometimes considered as a spiritual successor to Wasteland. Looking to get your hands on a Fallout game? The best way to do it is to go to Gamecamp, find the game you want and see which retailer offers you the best price, look up the recent Fallout 76 cd key and grab it at a discounted price.

It is important to know the difference between each title. Every fallout fan knows that every fallout game has its own unique gameplay experience but some aspects are different in each one of them.

We’ll be discussing why Fallout 76 was so badly received after its release.

We’ll shed some light on the statements like why some fallout fans criticize Fallout 76 because of many reasons.

Let’s find out why!

The situation is like “Why is” is now “Why was”

Yes, that’s absolutely true. Instead of saying“Why is”, the term has now changed to “Why was” for the game. The reason is that the company and developers now can’t do anything to keep Fallout 76 alive and running.

The game became the worst-reviewed AAA game of the year receiving a 49/100 Metacritic score with a 2.7 user score.

One of the main reasons for the failure of Fallout 76 is the expectations and prehype of Fallout fans as they had been experiencing amazing games in the series before Fallout 76. So, when Fallout 76 came out after creating much hype, the game was not accepted by most of the fans as the story and gameplay was full of glitches. After its release, everyone jumped on it without seeing if it was worth it or not and they’ve seen disappointment.

Another reason for the failure of the game is that the game was too anticipated with the antiquated game engine. If we evaluate the game from a game designing perspective, the game is poorly designed,  the publishing and owner of the Fallout series, Bethesda assigned the game development project to an inexperienced team of developers who didn’t develop a single game before.

The game was full of bugs at every stage as the developer had no experience in game development.

We all know that Bethesda handled ESO better, but from a moderative perspective, the company didn’t have much experience in MMOs at the time that was reflected through Fallout 76.

After its release, the fans find out that it is just a spinoff that doesn’t affect any story at all.

The following are some of the main points that represent the flaws of the game.
  • Unoriginal and lack of story;
  • Thousands of bugs;
  • Released in an unpatched state;
  • Dumb game mechanics;
  • The expectations of Fallout hyper fans;
  • Anticipated gameplay experience.
Maybe the game is better now, and if you still want to try out. It’s up to you and if you want to skip all the grind you can pick up Fallout 76 items and Fallout 76 caps to improve your gameplay.

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