Challenges in custom web application development

Business owners create designs for people and therefore focus on developing applications that meet the needs of their users. This is where all the main developer challenges come from. To get outstanding results, you need to find a reputable custom web application company. By using customer needs as their top priority, implementers can turn any complex concepts or ideas into beautiful, simple, and user-friendly interfaces for web applications.

External shell of the application

Design will save the world - this should be the motto of every modern studio. However, even the most seasoned performers face web development challenges from time to time. Sometimes you have to sacrifice visual impact for the sake of a more comfortable interface. It is also important to implement the original functionality, combining it with the corporate identity of the company. Given the high demands of today's audience, it is important for application developers to speed up as much as possible. Functionality, interactivity with the audience and live streaming - it all needs to be fast. If you want to get more info, consult our experts.

Key elements of a friendly UI

Information architecture (IA)

IA is the foundation of any good web application. You can't build a house without an architect's plan, right? IA ensures that the right information is presented in the right way, in the right place, at the right time. It also means that even a not very advanced user can easily understand the architecture of the product. The user does not need instructions to find the basic functionality of the application.

Interaction Experience (UX)

UX is art and science. Good designers have experience with dozens of startups and companies and will apply our full spectrum of knowledge to solve your UX issues. At the same time, designers should work closely with developers and layout designers. This allows you not to sacrifice functionality and comfort for the sake of spectacular visual tricks.

User interface (UI)

We translate concept ideas, sketches and sketches into simple, functional and beautiful visual interfaces for the web, iOS and Android. You will love what you see.

The main goal is the perfect connection between technology and the user

This connection, referred to as an effective user interface, is presented as a series of carefully crafted and detailed interactions that lead to the success of your Internet project. To develop this connection, designers adapt systems and technologies to human behavior (and not vice versa).

Interesting task

Often it is not possible to achieve the correct interaction of the developed systems with the user. This problem usually occurs when the creation of the interface is pushed back to the end of the project, when it is right to start from there. Only in this case will software development be successful. It's not enough to make a successful release. You need the application to be used and recommended to friends.

Solving a custom problem

We need to work on finding the right solutions to complex business problems, passing everything through 4 related areas of our competence: audience research, digital strategy, finding a solution (UX) and UI development. At every stage of any project, one must not overlook the issue of interaction between the person and the program.

Basic steps of the work process

Audience study

Defining a user problem allows you to highlight your target audience. Your users may not always be able to tell you what they need. Marketers are adept at uncovering core issues and translating them into valuable solutions. Next, developers must implement this idea with technology.

Digital strategy

The definition of a development approach depends on the focus of your business. A constructive approach to ideas and the joint translation of these ideas into concrete plans is the basis of a strategy for working with an effective UI.

UX Design

Finding a solution begins with choosing a layout. Usually several ideas are considered at once. When the concept is already ready, they begin to work on small, but important image details. The main goal is to develop the best solution.

UI development

Solution implementation is the next step. Developers must design the application, build it, and deploy it. Layout and debugging of pages is a creative process that requires technical knowledge. It often turns out that the project needs not only to be implemented, but also to improve or rebrand.

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