Challenges of magento extension development service

Magento is the leading e-commerce platform. It is used all over the world because it is ahead of its peers. To stay on Olympus, the platform is regularly updated. We've put together a guide of the best Magento extensions for online stores.

Magento is an e-commerce giant

World-famous people build their businesses on the Magento platform. Industry corporations have chosen this CMS. It has all the qualities you need to build a successful online business for Magento extension development services by Elogic. If your online store is striving for success and starting to scale, Magento is what you need to be successful!

Let's start with CMS, which stands for Magento extension development services by Elogic. When building websites for each client from scratch, the front-end was built from HTML / CSS / JS, etc., the backend in various server-side languages like PHP, .NET, etc., set up databases, and made configuration for various parts of the project.

Firstly, since clients did not know to program, they have to work in a web studio when they have a need to edit their site or add / edit content. Second, it took a long time each time to build websites from scratch.

To solve the first problem, ecommerce extension development services by Elogic started to develop some user-friendly admin panels for their sites, where a web manager with no technical background could easily add / test without having to edit the code.

And for the second problem, they noticed that many of their sites have common parts, so instead of creating websites from scratch, they had templates for the site that provide all the functions and at the same time, users could do everything they need on their needs.

This concept is so popular now that it has made many extensions/plugins that can extend the capabilities of the CMS.

Magento release contains over 170 functional changes and over 75 security improvements. It includes over 200 fixes from members of the Magento web development company community. These fixes range from minor cleanups of the main code to major improvements in Inventory Management and GraphQL. If you have already upgraded to the preview version of this patch (2.3.2-p1), it is highly recommended that you upgrade to 2.3.2-p2 as soon as possible.

What are the main challenges of moving to Magento?

It's not news that the translation of a site to Magento 2 takes at least 3-6 months. It is a multi-step process before and after a commercial launch. The path can be thorny if you do not think through all the problems in advance. The most common are the following:

Extremely simple search function

The search function available in Magento is quite straightforward and given the advanced scenario of the e-commerce platform, this search element is not acceptable. However, the Indian ecommerce web development company knows how to deal with this problem.

Decisions taken:
  • Best store search;
  • Celerbos for Magento;
  • Explosive search for Lucene.

Magento updates are not very exciting

You should be aware that Magento gets updates quite often, but changing from one version to another is a rather chaotic process. Don't be surprised that something broke right after the update. The only solution is to contact an experienced development company. The company will use best practices to avoid these situations and will ensure that the upgrade is performed in a separate environment.

Free shipping is included as standard). The most popular add-ons are those that include the following features.

Individual rate for an administrative order. This feature is in high demand among companies that rely heavily on phone or mail orders and are interested in implementing flexible pricing for individual customers. This extension allows you to apply individual shipping rates (instead of predefined ones), as well as amounts and delivery methods. Moreover, after installing this extension, customers will be able to choose the most suitable shipping method, and not be limited to those offered by Magento 2 by default.

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