Top trends in healthcare explainer videos

Human life and health are the things of the highest value. Usually, healthcare and Medtech companies experience difficulties with an explanation of the value of the medical procedure to the customers.

This is because everyday people were not learning the specific medical and related technical terms.

Medicals often face many complications with delivering the info to the patients or their relatives. And the emotional part of such issues enhances the comprehension barriers.

Often people feel confused and fear the things they do not understand.

This issue has remained unsolved till the latest years when once a medical company decided to buy an explainer video. And now it has come a common practice to educate your audience by means of it.

But how to stand out in terms when the world is filled with competitive content?

You need a unique script with the storytelling empowered by the captivating methods — visual and sound effects.

No single transfection technology has so much potential to influence efficiency, scale, standardization and drive down R&D and Manufacturing costs.

Case study via an explainer video

All the marketers know such an efficient tool of delivering the values of the product or service to the audience as a case study. It is convincing when you see the whole case unfolding, understanding the issues, their specifics, and the way it was solved.

To make it sound resonating with a customer you need to amplify it with the power of storytelling art.

If there is an interesting case, then prepare narration and tell about it in the way people understand and feel complicity. And, finally, use the visual capacities of animation.

What can be a case study in healthcare?

A case study in healthcare may describe any specific disease or condition that has been successfully treated in some specific way.

A case study has an interconnected structure that allows a viewer to see the cause-and-effect relationship.

Describe the subject. Tell your customers or patients a history of the illness or bad condition, reveal its probable causes and pathogenesis.

Then mention the risks and negative consequences the disease can lead to.

Build a strategy - present to the audience the ways this disease can be treated and its pros and cons. Then highlight the very way your clinic or Medtech company treated this disease and what the expectations were.

Disclose your strategy. Walk a viewer through the step-by-step process of the treatment — be it surgery or therapy.

Present the results. Show the results presenting as many details as possible, use quotes of a doctor and a patient.

Sum Up.  Go briefly through the case again mentioning the problem and stressing the final result as a possibility for everyone.

Power of Video

With the modern technologies of visualizing it has become possible to present any biological process. This tool can show you the way any organs work and actually show pathogenesis.

The 3-D modeling of the healthcare videos allows a viewer to actually have a virtual trip through a human body. That is a cool way to observe all the elements from different angles of view.

Animation allows modeling and detailing of the human anatomy.  Unlike a documentary, animation allows masking the view of the real organic matter that can be off-putting for common people.

You can feel the power of the animation here

Different channels may suppose usage of the explainers of the different length. But, all the same, this tool performs very efficiently whatever channel you choose.

And video series of different lengths and different messages can cover all the channels of your communication.

A healthcare video is a great answer to the customers’ desire to understand the treatment you provide.

Animation is not the only way. The classically shot and proficient edited video is also an efficient tool for promoting medical services.

Please Google any of the following: CPR - Take Heart Australia, My Health Memory App — Sydney Children’s Hospital, or Parkinson’s Disease — Medicine X. These are examples of the touching short video storytelling.

Final thoughts

Technological progress arms modern marketing with the tools able to solve multitasks. So, you can choose the form and style of your healthcare video and let the professionals create for you something special.

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