What Is Hidden Object Art?

Modern players can access a wide range of games online, while they are not necessarily connected with casinos. Different genres exist, and some of them are more popular compared to others. Many people love looking for things to challenge their visual attention; consequently, hidden object art games are in great demand.

That is why it is worth knowing what this kind of entertainment is about as well as what features it must include. Keep on reading to learn more.


What is a Hidden Object Game?

As you can guess from the name, while playing this game, players need to find hidden objects. The time is usually limited, which makes the entertainment even more fun. You can hide something you are willing to highlight in your campaign and ask consumers to spot and mark it. Such an application can also be utilized to challenge the online community and offer discounts and prizes to them if they manage to face the challenge and get registered.

It is not too hard to create such a game, while no programming is usually required. There are only a few steps to creating a game, and the first one is to design a square image with one or several hidden items. Then it is necessary to upload it to the application and highlight the areas where these things will be hidden in the image. When the consumers play, the system will let them know whether they have found them. If they do, points will be added to the score. After that, players are required to fill in the entry form so that their score is confirmed. However, you do not need to do all that because you can always hire a team of developers at kevurugames.com. These professionals are able to develop any entertainment you want.

The Main Features of a Hidden Object Game

There are several features and things to consider when it comes to hidden object art, and here they are:
  • You need to define the areas of the hidden items. As mentioned above, it is necessary to create an image with the things you are going to hide and upload them to the application. The system is so simple that it can easily mark the areas where the invisible objects will be.
  • Get the game customized with the brand. You can upload the picture you like, place references to the brand, and even superimpose the logo, but it is not all. It is also possible to customize the pages of the promotion with the brand`s colors, logo, and picture. In this case, it will be obvious that the game is completely in line with the brand.
  • Choose the difficulty level. The more objects to be found, the more difficult a level is. The difficulty also depends on whether the object is small or big. It is for you to decide how many items you are willing to add as well as what the size of the areas will be.
  • Set a time limit. You should decide how many seconds players have to solve the game and limit the time. If they fail to complete it, they should have the chance to try again. The last page should display the information on their score and time.
  • Visual and sound effects. The moves of players should be accompanied by sound effects, so their experience is more real. It is also a good idea to encourage them by applause if they succeed. If they do not find all the objects, they should hear a fail sound.
  • Score and ranking. The score tends to be based on two parameters, which are points for the time remaining and the points for finishing the game. When they are added, all players will get a final score that will put them in the global ranking of users. If you publish the ranking, competition can grow. However, this solution is optional.
  • Winner selection options. You can utilize the ranking to announce the winner, or you can run a random prize draw for this purpose.

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