Everything You Need to Know About Lease agreement

Rental and lease agreements have been used for ages now. Having an explicit lease agreement, for example, in the apartments for rent in Alexandria, is very important as a vague one is of no worth in the court and might cause harm to the lessee or lessor.

There might be some questions pondering in your mind but wait; we have got you all covered and will be answering all your questions in this article. All you are in need is to stay with us till the end.

What is a Lease Agreement?

Let’s first enlighten what exactly a lease agreement is. The lease agreement is an agreement between two parties in which the owner (lessor) allows the other party (lessee) to rent out the property in return with the monthly compensation called rent.

CocoSign and lease agreement

CocoSign is a tool that is making it possible for businesses to convert to digital means. In other words, it is an online electronic signature service. The user can avail of its services on any device which can be connected to the internet.

e-Sign documents with cocosign

It provides a lot of features to its customers to make their workload reduced. Not only the members of the business can sign the documents, but the user can extend the digital signage capabilities outside the business as well. Heed towards the official website of CocoSign and get started today.

Are eSignatures worthy of being inserted on a lease agreement?

Digital signatures are far more worthy of being inserted on any agreement than manual signatures. There are many risks with manual signatures. One of the top risks is a forgery, but in digital ones, there is no such risk.

The lease agreement is a compassionate issue as a minor misunderstanding can cause a lot of sabotage. So such contracts must be clear and signed the way which has more worth and no doubts.

Lease Agreement Templates

CocoSign has almost 80+ templates for only lease agreements. At the same time, there are 800+ for other agreements, contracts, and forums. There is no rocket science in getting a template for a lease agreement.

Open the official website of CocoSign. On the dashboard, tap the templates option, and from there, select the lease agreement template. The website will direct you to a page where all the lease templates are available. Select the one you need. Make desired changes and download them.

Moreover, all the templates are created by the guidance provided by the governing bodies—therefore no need to be concerned over the values of templates.

Electronic Signatures for businesses

Putting up one’s property on lease is a business itself as the lessor (the property owner) gets many benefits. Electronic signatures are beneficial to companies. CocoSign has divided the businesses into three categories which are individual, small and medium, and enterprise.

Electronic signatures are beneficial on every level as they reduce the cost of all paperwork, posting expenses, and related stuff. Most importantly, it saves precious time. The document, which used to take weeks to be signed, now can be signed within seconds as all the work can be done remotely with CocoSign.

Pricing and plans

CocoSign has very cost-effective plans to cover up all the audience and not to cause a burden on small businesses. Moreover, CocoSign has different plans to entertain all the businesses. The clients are free to select the plan of their choice.

Since this service is new and not everyone is familiar with it, most people are afraid to plunge into a new service. So to overcome this fear, CocoSign is providing a 14-days free trial. This trial includes many services that the clients can avail and make them known for this service.

create digital signature for free

Still, at some point after getting enrolled in a paid service, any client thinks that this service is not helpful for him or he cannot go further with it, so he can terminate the service when he feels so. And also can demand his money back as CocoSign offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Signatures on the go

CocoSign allows the signature on the go, which means that once the contract outline is prepared, the signature fields are placed. The user can insert the protected and encrypted signatures digitally.

Further, CocoSign also furnishes its users to sign the contract or documents offline. The users can insert the signatures offline and can download the document when they have a stable internet connection.

How to use CocoSign

CocoSign is moderately simple to utilize the administration. No kind of specialized information is required. Anybody with the fundamental information can run it like a master.
Actually, it is a 3step work:


This first step is the uploading of the PDF. The user has to click on the option of ‘choose file.’ Then the file to be chosen and finally to be uploaded.


The second thing which is to be done is the selection of the signature type and creation of the free signature. Then the created signature is to be added to the document.
The user can also use the already available signatures or create as per his liking.


Finally, download the document after all the changes are completed.

Streamlined Workflow

When using CocoSign, businesses can manage all their errands from a single place. CocoSign provides the users with colossal document storage space. It also provides the users with document verification facilities that businesses can use for various purposes.

Legal validity

In the initial times, electronic signatures weren’t used in the courts, but now they are even acceptable in the courts. It is pretty evident that when a thing is acceptable in court, it has its legal values.

There is no need to be strained about the legal values of it as they are legally approved. The state-of-the-art technology used by CocoSign has ensured that the documents are recognized legally. Or else they would not be used in contracts or agreements. Therefore, put more focus on the growth and enhancement of the business and less on the legal validity.


We have tried out best to enlighten you on every aspect of this miraculous service. Pay a visit to its homepage and learn more about it. Or, at any chance, if you have any issue, contact the customer care unit of CocoSign or directly come to us.

You will not find anything better than this tool, so don’t burn your time looking around and get started today. Keep us updated about your experience as we are anticipating your feedback.

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