Trending Open Source Voice Assistants

A voice assistant is a digital assistant that can be found on several devices. It uses voice recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language processing (NLP) to listen to the user's voice commands and accurately deliver the result or execute a function as demanded by the user.

Voice Assistants began to develop in 2011 with the intro of Siri. No one could have predicted that this innovation would become an operator for tech innovation. In 2021 every 1 in 4 US adults own a smart speaker like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice assistants can be integrated into numerous devices like mobile phones, computers, smart speakers, cars, and more. Some popular voice assistants that rule the world are Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

However, there are several open-source voice assistants available on the internet you might be interested in. If you are a developer, student, or user searching for the best open-source voice assistant, you are at the right place. Here we have curated a list of the Best open source voice assistants that you should try.

Trending Open Source Voice Assistants

1. Leon - Open source voice assistant

Leon is one of the best personal open-source voice assistants created by Louis Grenard. It runs on the server and can do numerous tasks for you. Leon can talk to you, exchange text messages, and communicate with you while offline.

Its abilities are acquired from the modules. Modules are the skills of Leon, and Every module has its own purpose and configuration. The more modules Leon has, the more skillful he becomes.

2. Mycroft - Free open-source voice assistant


Mycroft is a free, open-source voice assistant written in Python. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to communicate and accomplish the commands given by the users. It works similarly to Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant.

Mycroft has become the world’s leading open-source voice assistant. It is private by default and completely customizable. Its open-source community includes thousands of contributors and is getting smarter every day. You say a phrase like "Hey Mycroft" to wake it up.

3. Rhasspy - Offline open-source voice assistant


Rhasspy is a full offline open-source voice assistant that makes the digital life of human beings easier. This assistant can be run on Desktop and Raspberry Pi. It works well with Home Assistant,, and Node-RED.

Rhasspy comes with a snazzy web interface that lets you configure, program, and test your voice assistant remotely from your web browser. This voice assistant is created for advanced users who want to have a private voice assistant for their home automation software.

4. Jasper - Open-source platform for developing voice controlled assistant

Jasper is an open-source platform for developing voice-controlled applications. Jasper is always on, always listening for commands, and you can speak from meters away. You can ask questions to Jasper or control your home with your voice commands.

Jasper runs on a variety of systems, including the Raspberry Pi. Jasper works on Speech-To-Text (STT) engine that transcribes recorded spoken commands into written text. Jasper is 100% free to use, and its source code is available on Github.

5. Open Assistant - Personal open source voice assistant


Open Assistant is your open-source personal voice assistant. It can complete various operating system tasks using voice commands. It is 100% free to download and use. It is built using the Python programming language.

Open Assistant is currently a young functional prototype with a vast long-term vision. If you are a developer, Who is experienced in Python Programming, feel free to contribute to this project.

6. LinTo - Ai based open source voice assistant


LinTO is your Ai-based personal assistant and an intelligent voice platform that lets you control the room. Through its AI, it helps you save time and effort to enjoy a better life. It can be easily installed in Raspberry Pi.

This smart assistant is dedicated to companies and professional usages. It allows you to control shutters, lights, video projectors, and more. It is designed for a more collective purpose. It helps a person to control meetings.

7. Aimybox - Ready to use an open-source voice assistant


Aimybox is ready to use, open-source voice assistant through which you can create your own voice assistant by embedding it into any mobile application or device like RaspberryPi. It is a truly free and open platform.

It provides ready-to-use connectors to many third-party modules like Rasa AI, Google Cloud Speehkit,  Android Speechkit, Pocketsphinx, Aimylogic, Dialogflow, and more.

So these are some trending and best open source voice assistants that you can try on your raspberry pi. If you are a developer, feel free to contribute to some of these open-source projects.

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