How to Save Money by Buying a Refurbished Phone


Refurbished phones have many benefits, and many people have been saving money this way for years. For most people, the first thing they think of when considering purchasing a refurbished phone is the price. Refurbished phones are usually only a fraction of the cost of those new ones. This is a great means to save money and realize all the benefits that a smartphone can take you!

What's a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone has been returned to the manufacturer for one reason or another. It may be defective or returned because the owner didn't like it. The manufacturer looks over it and repairs any malfunctions, updating software as needed before installing new accessories. They then sell these refurbished phones at a great price.

Remember to compare and contrast the phone considering purchasing with other refurbished phones. A person may find that one is a better deal than others depending on people's needs. Refurbished phones are great to pick up because they not only cost less, but they also have a lot of great benefits!

Why Choose a Refurbished Phone?

There are many reasons to prefer refurbished phones over new ones. The first is the price; imagine being able to get every single bit of your phone without paying for it! A refurbished phone is being sold at a fraction of the cost, and people not only save money on the device itself but all the extras as well.

Other important benefits to consider include:

Better battery life

Because refurbished phones are inspected and repaired, they usually have better battery life as well as a more powerful processor. This can be very helpful for those who rely on their phone to perform all of their tasks accurately throughout the day. Replaced scratched phone screens are also generally more durable, but this isn't guaranteed!

Better sound quality

Most devices that go through refurbishing will also receive updated earbuds with better sound quality. The earbuds included will be of greater quality than the ones with which it was originally sold. This is because refurbished phones typically go through a more involved repair process and are more thoroughly cleaned.

New accessories

The cases, chargers, extra battery that your phone came with originally will now be updated and of much better quality compared to the original accessories that came with it.

Less risk of problems

The quality of a refurbished phone is typically monitored by the manufacturer before it is sold, which cuts down significantly on any issues that may arise. In addition, because refurbished phones receive an overhaul, people are more likely to get a device with software and functionality that carries over to the latest updates.

How to Buy a Refurbished Phone

There are many options available when shopping for a refurbished phone. People can choose from big-box retailers like Best Buy or Walmart, or you can choose a more personalized option. Some online stores like Swappa will only sell refurbished phones. Alternatively, one may also buy directly from the manufacturer.

Here are a few tips for buying a refurbished phone to help a person get the best deal possible:

Always check the return policy

Refurbished phones don't come with the same warranty as new devices. Be sure to read over the policy carefully before making a purchase and ensure that the right is understood if there are any problems with the phone. Most stores will offer multiple return options on refurbished devices, but some will only allow one return.

Check reviews before making a purchase

Be sure to read up on any devices considering purchasing. The manufacturer will often have a review section on their website, and other online resources can also provide helpful information about any refurbished phone.

Ask questions

Most stores like will allow people to ask about the refurbished phone before purchasing it. This can help give a person more peace of mind with the purchase if people are unsure. This is a great way to avoid any problem with the phone, and it can also provide a person with more information about the device.


Overall, buying refurbished phones can be a great way to save money on a device that people use daily. There are many benefits when purchasing a refurbished phone over a brand new one. Not only are they sold for much less, but they also have warranties and come with all the accessories that the original device had. Make sure to check reviews on and contact the manufacturer before making your purchase.

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