Best PS2 Emulators for Android in 2022


Play Station 2 (PS2) is a video game console developed by Sony Entertainment. It was released on 4th March 2000. Still, it is one of the popular game consoles among gamers. It gains popularity because of the quality of games it has. However, a game called WWE Smackdown gives PS2 more popularity. PS2 contains several games that players still wish to play. It has some popular games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, God of War, Pro Evolution Soccer, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Resident Evil 4, WWE SmackDown, and more.

As we all know, PS2 consoles are a bit old, and many people have upgraded their consoles to PS4 or PS5. Want to play PS2 games but don't have a console or You might be thinking, is it possible to play PS2 games without having a PS2 console? Yes, PS2 games can be played on several devices by using PS2 emulator software.

So what is a PS2 Emulator? PS2 emulator is software that supports a wide range of PlayStation 2 video games with full compatibility and functionality. These emulators are also available for Android devices. So you can play all of your PS2 games on your Android device by installing a PS2 Emulator.

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Best PS2 Emulators for Android in 2022

Several PS2 emulators are available for Android devices. Here we have listed all the popular PS2 emulators for Android devices that you wish to download and play PS2 games on.
  • Golden PS2 Emulator for Android
  • Play! - PS2 emulator for Android
  • PPSSPP - Best PS2 emulator for Android
  • DamonPS2 - Android PS2 emulator
  • PPSSTWO - PS2 Emulator

1. Golden PS2 Emulator for Android

It is a PS2 emulator app for android devices that turns your phone into a working PlayStation 2. It can play almost all PS2 games smoothly. You will need a high-end Android device to be able to run PS2 games on it. The emulator prefers ISO file formats for games. It also supports games in archive formats such as RAR and ZIP. It is a powerful emulator that comes with easy to use interface. Gamers might enjoy PS2 games on it because of its smooth gameplay.


  • Easy to use interface;
  • Support ISO, ZIP, RAR, and 7Z files for games;
  • Supports a wide range of PS2 games;
  • It can customize gaming controls;
  • Support a wide range of Android devices.

2. Play! - PS2 emulator for Android

Play! is the best PS2 emulator that is available for Android devices. It allows you to play some popular games on your Android device like GTA San Andreas, PES3, and more. The app is still under development, and it worked great when testing a few PS2 games on it. To start the game, Gamers can load the ISO file of the game from the searchable directories. Through this app, You can turn your android device into a PlayStation console. The emulator performs better on high-end devices.


  • Easily load the game from directories;
  • Time to time app updates that resolve bugs;
  • It supports Multithreading.

3. PPSSPP - Best PS2 emulator for Android

It is not a PS2 emulator, but it allows you to play some PS2 games that can be played on the PPSSPP emulator. It is a free and open-source PSP emulator with the ability to play some PS2 games. It is the most downloaded emulator for Android. The best thing is it is also available on the Google Play store with an all-time high rating of 4.4/5. It is fully optimizable and lets you play games in high definition with extra features. Check out the list of best PPSSPP games for Android to download for free.


  • Antialiasing;
  • Lets you to scale images;
  • Support for shaders;
  • Linear and anisotropic filtering;
  • Higher screen resolutions.

4. DamonPS2 - Android PS2 emulator

DamonPS2 works quite well on a variety of Android devices. It is a PS2 emulator developed for the Android platform. It allows you to run most PS2 games. We recommend you use a high-end Android device to run PS2 games smoothly. Please note that you'll have to download the BIOS yourself. You won't be able to play anything without BIOS. It comes with both paid and free versions. Paid version will not show you ads, it will allow you to save the game, and you will have more Graphic options in the Paid version of this app.


  • It can emulate 90% of PS2 games;
  • Support Cheat-Code;
  • Gamepad Vibration;
  • Support 1080p resolution;
  • Easily play the game on a wider screen (16:9).

5. PPSSTWO - PS2 Emulator

PPSSTWO is another PS2 emulator for Android devices available on the Google Play store. It can run most PS2 games at a stable framerate. This app has been tested successfully on most mid-range and high-end Android devices. You can download this emulator to test it on your device. If you find any issue or a bug, then don't forget to report it. This will help developers to improve this app. The app contains Google ads to make this application free for everyone.


  • Easy controls;
  • Lets you customize the controls by using the drag and drop option;
  • Familiar interface;
  • Support various Android devices.

If you own an iOS device, You can check the best PS2 emulator for iOS.

So these are some Best PS2 emulators to play PS2 games on your Android device. We recommend you use a high-end Android device to play PS2 games. On low-end devices, games might get stuck or provide a bad gaming experience.

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