SEO Professionalism: How to Properly Write a Description


Before entering a web resource, the user encounters a search engine. By a certain query, for example, typing, he finds a list of different sites, each of which includes a description. Thanks to such an element, it is possible to show the search engine what is on the site/page, what are its advantages, why the user should go to it, and so on.

The composition of the descriptor is made according to special rules, compliance with which has a beneficial effect on the site's ranking in search. In today's article, let's talk about what these rules are and how to compose a competent description.

What Is Description?

A description is a special tag that describes the content of a page in brief. If search engines show your page in search results, it means that keywords were used in the request, which is on the page itself and in description or in the title. In addition, a properly filled descriptor can entice the user and increase the popularity of your site.

How to Come Up With a Description

Make a good and attractive description of the page - not a very difficult task. Imagine yourself in the user's place: think about what he is looking for, what words he reacts to. You can just go to search engines with basic queries related to your topic. Look at how your competitors have it organized and draw conclusions. Remember that uniqueness is important - do not blatantly copy descriptions from other relevant sites.

Try to make your descriptions simple and clear, so the essence of the page is clear to every potential customer. It is enough to write 1-2 sentences to interest the visitor. Let's look at an example: let's say we sell tables in the UK. For the main page will be appropriate to write that we sell tables, and we have an extensive selection of inexpensive goods. If it is a specific page, such as for dining tables, then we write so: "Enormous selection of dining tables in the online store "..." with delivery in St. Petersburg and the region at low prices." All briefly and to the point - if a customer is looking for something inexpensive, then he will no doubt come to your site.

If you work in the B2B sector, it's a little more complicated here: focus on the brand. You need to reveal the uniqueness of the sales pitch or page content.

At first, this may seem quite difficult, especially if you face it for the first time, but after a while, the descriptor will appear in your head on its own.

Basic Criteria of Description

We've already talked about the main aspects, but let's put everything in order for you to have a complete picture.


Use from 1 to 3 keywords. There is no need to reduce the description meta tag to a list of all key phrases - this will not increase your chances to be higher in the search. On the contrary, it will alienate the potential buyer and the search engine, which will consider such an approach as spam.

Originality of Text

We have already talked about this more than once - it is important that the description of the page was unique and did not copy the competitors.

Marketing Component

Description - this is also a description of your advertising page. Try to catch the user.


You should create a unique description for each page, but it doesn't have to be as different as possible. For example, if you provide the same service in different cities, you can simply change the city and provide a unique address and phone number.

Additional Recommendations

Here are some more recommendations that will help you create the "perfect" description:
  • Use a call to action - it's important not only to tell what's on your page but also to encourage the user to visit it. For example, you can add words like "find out," "get," and so on.
  • Tell them why they should come to you, maybe you repair computers in just 1 hour or you have free delivery around town. If your competitors do not have this, it will play an important role and attract potential customers.
  • The main advice - Do not “pour water”, even if on the fly you can not come up with a unique descriptor. It is better to sit longer, but in the end, there will be the result that you expected.

Mistakes When Formulating a Description

The last thing worth talking about - is the typical mistakes, which "stumble" upon many users.

Do Not Forget About It

As strange as it may sound, but the most common mistake - the absence of the description. If it will not be on your site, it will display a fragment of the page. In this, perhaps, nothing wrong, but only if this fragment has keywords, otherwise the page ranking can fall.

Don’t Repeat the Title

It is important to know that the title and description have different purposes - one tells what the page and the second reveals its essence. When these elements overlap, not a good impression is formed, and along with these search engines begin to "bad" to this page.

Write Only a Relevant Description

Tell only about what you have. No need to come up with what you don't have - it will mislead. Here it's not just about the description of the page, but about your activities in general. Even if that description will go to a lot of users, what will the result be? Most likely, the reputation of your company will fall, and with it a lot of dissatisfied visitors.


To make an excellent description for the page, it is worth not only adhering to the above recommendations but also selecting the right keywords. Without them, your site simply can not find customers - they will enter what is popular, and in your description of such keys will not be.

We have all! We hope that now compiling a meta tag description will not cause you difficulties.

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