Valorant Aiming Tips: 5 Tips to Improve Your Aiming Skills

The first-person shooting game, Valorant, is a popular choice among game lovers. Just like any other shooting game, the core mechanic of Valorant is aiming. And most gamers struggle with enhancing this skill.

Aiming is the most crucial aspect of Valorant. Mastering this skill will help gamers climb ranks faster and enhance their win rate incredibly. From getting the best gaming mouse to focusing on crosshair are factors to consider when aiming and multiplying the chances of winning.

Looking for tips to become a shooting pro? This page is the best solution to all the problems of gamers related to aiming. Discover the pro tips to dominate Valorant or even any other shooting game.
Here are five tips and tricks for Valorant lovers to boost their aiming strategy.

1. Upgrade Mouse Setup


Before proceeding to the actual gaming tips, it is vital to go for a bit of investment. No matter how professional a shooter a person becomes, having a cheap, ordinary mouse will be a significant obstacle in aiming.

Best budget gaming mouse translates your strokes to in-game movements precisely and accurately. That is because gaming mice have better sensors than the usual ones that come with PCs.

An additional tip when buying a gaming mouse is to get a mouse pad too. Moving a gaming mouse over an uneven surface prevents gamers from getting high precision while aiming. A gaming mouse and mouse pad together complement the gamer’s aiming and shooting.

2. Practice Counter Strafing

Players should learn and practice counter strafing, especially in higher ranks where it becomes a necessity. This enhances the player’s aiming and shooting when in motion. Many gamers are unaware of this tactic.

Counter strafing means to change one’s direction upon encountering an enemy by an opposite key. For instance, if the character moves to the right with the D key, the player should immediately stop it with the opposite key, i.e., key A. After this, the player aims and shoots. It increases the accuracy of getting the headshot.

3. Crosshair Placement

If gamers master the crosshair placement, nothing can stop them from achieving the best aim and shooting their enemies in the first shot. The placement of crosshair is all about positioning at a specific height on the Valorant screen.

Practicing crosshair placement enables the player to shoot the other players immediately after seeing one. It reduces the number of adjustments to be made before shooting.

The default crosshair in Valorant is not going to be very valuable. Pro players prefer customizing their own by setting the desired opacity, thickness, color, and much more. Customizing crosshair and practicing their placements will make the Valorant journey more manageable and more exciting.

4. Focus on Different Types of Aiming

Most beginners stick to only one type of aiming and slow down their Valorant gaming progress. It is essential to expand one’s shooting skills by learning various aiming styles.

There are three categories of aiming styles that a gamer must know:
  1. Flicking aiming style
  2. Pre-aiming style
  3. Tracking aiming style
A flick aim means shooting the target into the head straightaway. It is no doubt the coolest of all, but gamers shouldn’t practice it every time. Adopting the other two styles lets players upgrade their game professionally. Beginners must practice placing the crosshair at the target for a pre-aim and start tracking it until they find the best time to shoot.

5. Aim Training Games


Many games are designed and built for beginners to boost their aiming skills. Here are the best aim training games to opt for:
  • Aim Lab
  • 3D Aim Trainer
  • AimTastic
  • KovaaK 2.0
  • Aim Hero

Final Thoughts

Mastering Valorant is all about aiming and understanding the game. Practicing the tips mentioned earlier will be a significant revolution in the gaming strategy of beginners. With the proper gaming mouse setup and skills, players will upgrade their level from fresher to pro in no time!

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