How to be productive during studying in University


University life has a huge impact on anyone. Even if you don't want to be among the activists, and your choice is to go with the flow, there's nowhere to hide from socializing with the group, speaking at seminars, and, of course, preparing your thesis. But you can put in a little effort, and the benefits will increase tenfold. In this article, you’ll find useful tips on how to be productive during studying with a colleague.

Develop flexible skills

Or, more precisely, learn to negotiate and make public speeches. Speakers are not born: these are skills that anyone can develop with due diligence.


Do you have an audience presentation or a debate to get ready for? Practice your speech in front of a mirror a few times. That way you'll know which intonations are more appropriate, where you can make a joke, and where you can concentrate. Don't forget to smile and assume a relaxed posture more often - it is very tempting for the listeners. And to get rid of emotional constriction - read aloud more often (even if no one will hear it), learn tongue twisters, and retell the material you've read. Such simple exercises, if you pay enough attention to them, can greatly improve your speaking skills, and thus get rid of shyness.

!Practice as often as you can!

You should be at the forefront of community activities at the university. The more often you lead discussions and speak at conferences, forums, and events, the better the skill will be honed. You don't have to wait for formal events where you are given the floor: try to start a discussion with your instructor during class (on the topic you are studying, of course). It will be useful to prepare oral answers according to the plan and keywords, rather than memorizing the text by heart: at first it will be difficult, but then you will be able to speak at length on any topic in which you know at least a little bit.

Write down your speeches

And another important tip for students who want to master communication and public speaking skills is to record everything they can on video. Of course, it's not an option in classes or exams. But have your friends record your performance during seminars and conferences. That way you can track your progress and see what's worth fixing. If the presentation was brilliant, it is worth setting aside - perhaps it will play a role in the future in an interview or sending an application for an internship.

Develop mobility

Already in the first month of uni, you can understand that it will not be like in school. Tests and seminars are scheduled for the next day, tests are warned five minutes before they begin, and teachers value more the ability to defend their opinion than the correct answer. The ability to find a way out of any difficulty is what distinguishes a senior student. Until you are plunged headfirst into a stressful situation, it's hard to imagine the possibilities our brains have been given. But try not to sit idly - very soon mobility and multitasking will become a habit and even everyday things you will solve with amazing ease.

Take responsibility

Studying extra material, helping to organize a field trip, sharing the duties of a headteacher, making arrangements with a teacher - all these things increase your level of responsibility. A person who does community service is much more respected. You'll also get used to solving problems quickly, which will help you a lot when you get your first job. Even in your own life – you will need to make hard decisions. For example, sometimes it’s not possible to do all your homework, so you must decide: buy essay cheap or write it by yourself.

Don't be afraid of new experiences

Even if you think there's no one lazier or shyer in the world, try exploring college life. If you manage to find the company and activity to your liking, there are a lot of interesting events ahead. Many students meet friends while they're studying. And even if now the thought of having fun and activity at university causes stress - remember that the memory is skillfully left only pleasant memories. In ten years you will remember with a nostalgic smile the sleepless nights in the dormitory, the fuss before the performance, and the celebration of the "equator.

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