Why use dotnet for web development?


More and more companies are migrating from legacy systems to new highly dynamic web applications.  Microsoft, by launching ASP.NET, has created a new opportunity in web application development.

The market is overflowing with technology offerings such as PHP, HTML5, WordPress, Magento, and many more.  However, the use of ASP.NET Core turned out to be very good and quality due to its advanced features and high performance.

The product in question allows you to create many applications and web services, backends for mobile devices and applications based on the Internet, and outsource dot net development.

Let's find out why it's best to choose this updated Microsoft technology for building modern ASP.NET applications.

Top Reasons for Building ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET Core is one of the best software architectures developed by Microsoft.  Using this programming platform, developers can create all kinds of applications, from the simplest to the most complex.

Do you know what a web application is?  With ASP.NET Core, you can build dynamic and scalable web applications.  Today, companies can no longer be 100% happy with websites; they need something faster and more efficient to improve the user experience.

But the real question is, what makes ASP.NET applications so interesting?  Without wasting any extra time, let's analyze the characteristics of this technology.

1. ASP.NET is open source

The first and most important quality of the framework in question is the fact that it is open-source on GitHub.  This means that developers can download, modify, and deploy the code according to their needs.

Using an open-source framework means the ability to create your own projects, in which developers add whatever the customer wants, creating exactly the web application they need.  However, this is not the only benefit associated with an open-source system.

This feature allows all interested developers to not only modify and improve the project they are working on but also contribute to the improvement of the technology itself.

2. Multi-platform architecture

ASP.NET applications can be used by anyone, regardless of the platform from which the end-user views web pages and navigates to the web application.  This is possible thanks to the cross-platform framework.

Companies and professionals need to reach as large a user base as possible.

Simply put, ASP.NET Core is developed on Windows, but the final product is available for viewing not only for Windows users but also for those who own macOS and Linux.

3. Latest tools

Speaking of IDEs in Visual Studio, we have already presented the third reason for developing ASP.NET applications.  It is one of many extremely advanced architectural technologies available to developers.

Microsoft Visual Studio allows you to create applications on various operating systems, modify code, run tests, fix bugs, and much more, with maximum speed and simplicity.

In addition to this tool, many others appear, such as Visual Studio Code for building multi-platform websites and services, Visual Studio for Mac, content for building native web apps for macOS and Windows, OmniSharp, JetBrains Rider, .NET Core CLI, and Ionide, which allows you to work with the F # programming language.  All are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Microsoft has provided developers with the latest and greatest technologies to create applications that meet the ever-growing expectations of today's users.

4. Advanced programming

As we continue to analyze the technical aspects, among the reasons for creating ASP.NET applications, we find many features available to developers.

In particular, among the main ones, there are multi-platform architecture, automatic memory management, development of highly customizable web applications, management of various packages, and much more.

All of these elements greatly simplify the life of developers, allowing them to create more and more performant and reliable web applications, reducing the technical implementation time.

The digital world is evolving faster and faster, and a company cannot think of waiting months or even years before launching its web application.  What is needed today is workable and complete tools and access to information that can be read more here. And the project is ready.

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