The 6 Best Sites to Get Instagram Likes (Real & Instant)


Social media has been the main tool that companies use to connect with their audience. Instagram has been one of the main social media platforms that companies are targeting today. However, starting out on Instagram can be a lot more difficult.

Unless you have a page with a good following, getting likes can be very challenging. In this case, buying an Instagram growth service can be a great way to start. There can be a lot of questions that come to mind when you think of this topic, and the main one is where to buy Instagram likes? We are here to answer your questions today with the top 5 sites to buy organic Instagram likes.


If you want to gain international Instagram recognition, you've come to the right place! Instapalace boosts Instagram profiles for the most competitive prices out there! Buy Instagram live views to bring your profile to new peaks.

What we love so much about this provider is that Instapalace only generates traffic and engagement from real, active, Instagram users. So forget anything you've heard about third-party services that don't mean much these days because this statement couldn't be more wrong when you choose Instapalace.

Instapalace is an ace provider that will set you up in everything Instagram-related. Starting from likes and views, you can also opt for a high-quality Instagram live views package for insanely low prices if you feel like it.

These guys have been in business for 2 years already, and the hype around them is super buzzing (it's truly justified, though). Don't forget to thank us later once you become an Instagram celebrity, though!


Poprey has been the go-to site for getting Instagram likes for many influencers out there. With its simple UI and minimal prices, you can never go wrong. Getting 200 likes will cost you $3.20, and you can even get up to 2000 likes for as cheap as $18.90. There are a lot of other services available on the site as well. Apart from Instagram, you can buy anything from likes to comments on any social media like YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, etc.

The site has great tech support, which will help you if anything goes wrong. The site provides a free trial on one Instagram account, which proves its validity. The orders are processed within 48 hours of payments, and if things are getting delayed, you can even ask for a refund.


Twicsy provides the solution to getting likes on Instagram, which is so simple and stress-free that it makes it a top choice for a lot of people. With a flexible pricing range, you can adapt to your budget and get the plan that works for you.

It also has a feature to set up automatic Instagram likes as soon as you post something. Due to many features like this, Twicsy was voted the best site to purchase Instagram likes by LA Mag, Men’s Journal, US Mag, and many more. This site also provides other services like buying followers and such.


Buzzoid is on this list because of its manual growth model for its services. Unlike most social media marketing sites, Buzzoid actually connects with people who are your potential audience and get them to like your posts. Your connection with other communities also increases as you get each like which interns increases your audience even more.

The manual growth model allows your account to have an organic following rather than a bunch of fake Instagram accounts. This helps your page stay ahead with the Instagram algorithm and its terms of service. This site provides the highest quality of likes and also has a service that provides you with real Instagram followers.


This name is not as famous as the others on this list. However, this site’s diverse package deals and fast delivery makes them a top contender in the list. Their prices are very affordable, with the feature of choosing tiers to stay within one’s budget.

The payment process is really simple. You just need to provide the username and Instagram profile that you want the services for. The wide variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit card, and cryptocurrency, come in handy. While the Instagram version may not have a name for itself yet, its TikTok version known as TokMatik has made its reputation for offering TikTok followers, likes, and views.


This is also one of the most used sites to buy Instagram services. While most other sites mentioned in the list don’t limit themselves to just Instagram and offer all kinds of different services, iDigic only offers Instagram services, making them the best in the business.

They also provide plans that can fit almost any budget. They are probably one of the best sites when it comes to quick and useful communication with the user to solve any issues. For advanced users, iDigic offers different customization options.

If you are into Instagram marketing then you are sure to appreciate these options. It lets you choose how quickly you want your likes, from whom you want your likes i.e. your target audience, etc. They also provide a free trial to check their services.

Now that we’ve provided you with the best options to choose from, it's upon you to choose the site that is suitable for you. All of the sites are highly reputable so you should review other criteria like finding a package that fits your budget while giving you maximum output.

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