Best Streaming Services for News, Sports, & Entertainment


Ever got frustrated looking for a channel to catch the live game of your favorite sport?

Well, it can be a pain in the neck. Either that or getting a very limited number of channels from your cable TV distributor.

Streaming services serve a great deal to make sure you're updated on current events, catch your favorite shows, or enjoy your favorite sports.

But keeping your cable TV along with a subscription to a streaming platform might go above the budget bar.

So we’ve compiled a list of streaming services that can totally be replaceable with your cable TV, or in some cases, you can even keep them along with your cable TV as they’re budget-friendly.

Most of them even offer on-demand streaming which is just a win-win situation.

But the primary barrier which comes in the way is the non-availability of streaming platforms because of region restrictions.

That means you'll miss the all-time best content just because you’re living in a different part of the world.
And if you're residing in the Great White North, you've probably wondered which services in Canada you should go for to have a smooth and hassle-free streaming experience.

But let me tell you that you can have access to any streaming platform whether available in your region or not, just with a tap of a button. With a VPN tool, you can bypass any geo-restriction on the internet and access the most popular streaming services.

So keep on reading to know which streaming platforms you should sign up for to make sure you don't miss anything from now on.

Youtube TV

Owned by Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, YouTube TV was founded in 2015.

YouTube is known for video streaming and ad-supported content. And if we step in a little further, there is YouTube Premium, which offers an ad-free experience of the classic YouTube and options to download videos to watch while offline.

YouTube TV offers live TV channels. It can effectively fill the space if you decide to replace it with your cable TV as it offers 85+ channels including a wide variety of sports and news channels.

Some of the popular channels it offers are PBS, Fox, CBS, NBC, and many more.

The most amazing trait of YouTube TV is the user-friendly interface it offers and you'll master it in no time if you have familiarity with YouTube.

YouTube TV does not offer on-demand streaming, you can only watch what is available. But it has an option to record your favorite shows or games so you can easily watch them later.

One more drawback is that you cannot escape ads while streaming.

YouTube TV has a market-competitive base price of $65 a month and you stream up to 3 devices with a single YouTube TV subscription plan.

It also has a 7-day free trial option if you're not certain about paying right away.


Originally created for hardcore soccer-focused fans, fuboTV is owned by FaceBank Group and was created in 2009.

fuboTV is the ultimate solution to browse any sports channel for live and on-demand streaming.

The CEO, David Gandler has predicted a five million rise in fuboTV subscribers in five years as you can watch everything related to sports on fuboTV, whether it be sports news, shows, or movies. Moreover, they have branched out and now even offer content that is not sports-related.

Along with this, it offers a bulky 30-hour cloud DVR so you can record and catch your game later if you miss it somehow.

You can have access to popular channels (sports and non-sports) like ESPN, NFL Network, ABC, beIN Sports, Animal Planet, ACC Network, CNBC, and many more.

Regarding the ergonomics and user interface, fuboTV is perfectly designed and easy to navigate by users.

It has a monthly subscription of $65 and you can stream up to 3 devices at the same time.
fuboTV also offers a 7-day free trial if you're planning to check it out first.

Sling TV

Sling TV is an American streaming service founded in 2015 and operated by Sling TV LLC.

It is the best option for you if you're looking for the option of customized channels in a streaming service. It offers live TV and on-demand content and it has an all-time low cost of $35 per month plus you can use it on 4 devices at the same time.

Sling TV comes with two primary packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Both the packages offer content of different natures. And also has different features.

If you go for Sling Blue, it will cost you $35 a month and you'll get more than 45 channels (News and Entertainment content).

With a Sling Blue subscription plan, you can have access to channels like BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, Fox News, HGTV, and many more.

And if you go for Sling Orange, it will cost you the same and you'll get 30+ channels (Sports and Family Friendly content).

With a Sling Orange subscription plan, you can have access to channels like Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, Nick Jr., Food Network, etc.

No matter which package you select, you can always add more channels to your list by using the add-on feature, but it will cost you an additional charge.

Moreover, you can also go for the bundle deal and get both the packages for $50 a month to make sure you have access to all genres.

Although Sling TV is not a total replacement for your cable TV, it can offer some quality channels and amazing content with a budget-friendly plan.

Hulu + Live TV

Initially established as a joint venture by NBC Universal and News Corporation in 2007, Hulu was later taken over by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast in 2019.

Hulu is one of the most popular names in streaming services offering on-demand video streaming of movies, TV shows, and Hulu originals.

Other than that, you can also take advantage of the add-ons feature and have access to other platforms like ESPN+, HBO Max, Showtime, and many more.

You can either sign up for the on-demand streaming service for $6 a month which contains ads or you can go for Hulu+Live TV for $55 a month, giving you access to 75+ popular channels (sports, news, and entertainment) along with the on-demand streaming services.

With Hulu+Live TV, you'll have access to channels like AMC, BBC America, CBS, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ABC News, Fox News, and many more.

Moreover, all the prices discussed above are for the plans that contain advertisements, but you can escape those and have an amazing ad-free experience if you throw in another $6.

So which platform would you fancy going for?

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