7 Best Apps For Analyzing Wi-Fi Networks


If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable and lost unexpectedly periodically, there is likely heavy interference from other Wi-Fi networks. This is a very common problem faced by people living in apartment buildings.

This problem occurs when too many users are on the same Wi-Fi channel as you. In this case, you can use one of the Wi-Fi analyzer apps developed for smartphones to see the least busy channels. Some of these wifi sniffing ways can also be used to check Wi-Fi signal strength.

Let's take a look at the best Wi-Fi network analysis apps available for your devices.

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WiFi Analyzer from OLGOR.COM

This Wi-Fi analyzer app is one of the most popular on the Play Store. It is fast and has an easy-to-use interface. Thanks to it you can find the best channels using a chart of channels or their rating.

The scanner shows the signal strength of each access point in real-time and distance calculations. In addition, you can also see the hidden Wi-Fi.

Overall, this is the best Wi-Fi analyzer for Android that you can use to view crowded channels. However, the ads in this free app are a real problem for many.

WiFi Analyzer (open source)

If you are worried about privacy and looking for an open-source app, then this Wi-Fi Analyzer will be the best option for you.

In this app, you will be able to view multiple access points, know their signal strength and the channel they are on. You can also filter access points based on their signal strength, Wi-Fi range, and security. You can also sort by other criteria by simply going into the app's settings.

To help you determine the best channel, this application provides a channel graph and channel rating page. There is also a time chart.

WiFi Analyzer by Zoltán Pallagi

This is the most comprehensive Wi-Fi analysis app in this selection. It scans your Wi-Fi network to determine signal strength, speed, and latency.

This free Wi-Fi analyzer has all the standard features such as channel rating, channel graph, real-time network power, and more.

The app also has a network scanner that you can use to find unknown devices connected to your network. You can also see and edit your router settings from this app.

Network Cell Info Lite

If you're looking for an app to determine your Wi-Fi signal strength, then be sure to check out Network Cell Info Lite. It is undoubtedly one of the best.

The app will display network information on a map and help you diagnose connectivity problems. Network Cell Info Lite supports GSM, CDMA, UMTS (WCDMA), WLAN, LTE, and LTE+.

Network measurements can be exported to various types of databases, including KML 2.2, CLF v.3, OpenCellID CSV, CMW, etc. Although the application is good for measuring signal strength, you cannot use it to view Wi-Fi channels.


This is one of the best-themed apps for your smartphone. It's perfect for those who want to check their Wi-Fi signal strength. And it has no ads.

The app has a simple user interface and makes it easy to move APs to other channels to improve internet speeds. You can compare Wi-Fi signals, check download and upload speeds, and much more.

Keep in mind that this app does not show Wi-Fi channels. And if you want to change the channel, you better choose another option.

WiFi Signal Meter

Using WiFi Signal Meter, you can check your Wi-Fi speed, measure signal strength and see the channels with the least congestion.

The app has an updated user interface and detailed instructions to help you easily select the right Wi-Fi channel. In addition, WiFi Signal Meter has other essential features such as viewing real-time graphical data, viewing download and upload speeds on a particular network, etc.

All in all, it is one of the best Wi-Fi signal strength apps that everyone should try.

Network Analyzer

This is a full-fledged Wi-Fi channel scanning app that can also diagnose problems on your Wi-Fi network and remote servers.

This Android app (there is an iOS version available) is best for those who want to know every little detail about their local network. Network Analyzer has various network diagnostic tools such as a port scanner, DNS lookup, and more. You can also use it to see your Wi-Fi signal strength, its encryption, and the router's manufacturer.

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