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The war between food delivery apps across Europe is heating up.

Despite the importance of ambiance in the culinary world, sometimes nothing beats sweatpants, Netflix, and a comfy couch. Order in when the atmosphere gets frizzy at night! From pizza and lo mein to almost anything in the city, food delivery services have changed the game!

On the contrary, people's mindset also has been changing; now, they prefer to order food online instead of visiting crowded restaurants. And restaurateurs are partnering up with popular food delivery apps to boost sales, order volume, and revenue. In addition to that, the pandemic has changed the way we eat. In order to stay secure and safe, more and more people are ordering food online as it allows them to enjoy a delicious meal with contactless features.

Some sectors suffered from covid-19 while others saw their businesses grow, and the food delivery sector is one of them. Few businesses in Europe experienced massive growth after the pandemic, such as Food Delivery Apps.

66% of Spanish people have used delivery or take away service at least once. This means that 22 million Spaniards have already used these new emerging ways of ordering food, with takeout being the most popular method. We now have the benefit of accessing hundreds of new and delicious restaurants in every cuisine we can think of with just a few taps on the screen.

There are numerous food delivery apps, and choosing the best is difficult. We decided to compile the most-used 5 food delivery apps in Europe. We will also discuss the market share of food delivery app across the European region.

The Exponential Growth of European Food Delivery Market

Europe online food delivery market

By 2024, global food delivery sales are expected to exceed US$164.5 billion. In this post, find out who the main players are and how the sector grows in Spain.

Many food delivery companies operate in Europe, including Just Eat,, Delivery Hero, Deliveroo, Glovo, and Wolt, all of which have become household names across the continent, bringing in sizable revenues. But looking at the Spanish food delivery sector, Glovo has made the name.

Glovo from Barcelona is just four years old but achieved massive success and contributed its share to the Spanish food delivery market. But the market is still growing in the particular region, so there is still much room for new entrants who want to hit the on-demand food ordering market with a delivery app like Glovo to conquer Spain's stomachs.

Deloitte research indicates that revenue for online food delivery in Europe is experiencing double-digit growth rates and could reach $25 billion by 2023. Venture capitalists have also continued to put considerable funds into the food delivery sector: Dealroom reports that more than €1.6bn has been invested in the sector in 2019.

Most of the funding in 2019 went to these three on-demand food delivery companies:
  • Deliveroo (€523m)
  • Glovo (€319m)
  • Helsinki-based Wolt (€118m)
Founded in Spain, Glovo has been concentrating its efforts in the southern European region, from the Iberian Peninsula up to Romania. Analysis of the purchase patterns of food delivery by geographic region shows that they are very consistent throughout Spain. There is, however, a difference between large cities and the rest of the nation when it comes to behavior.

Orders are more frequently placed on digital platforms in big cities than in the rest of Spain. Barcelona and Madrid are the well-known cities for ordering via apps or websites, followed by the rest of Spain with 18%. Additionally, aggregator apps have become more popular, with JustEat being the most widely used, followed by Glovo in Spain and Deliveroo in the U.K.

Let's Look at The Best 5 Delivery Apps in Spain

Best delivery apps in Spain

We showcase the best food delivery companies in Spain in this article. Startups and companies in the Food Delivery space are taking varied approaches to innovation, but all are outstanding companies that you should follow.

From cutting-edge startups to established brands, we looked for companies spanning the entire size spectrum.

Glovo - Spanish Startup Unicorn

Glovo is an early-stage startup based in Barcelona that's transforming how people access local goods, enabling almost any product to be delivered in less than 60 minutes. Glovo operates in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Glovo's mobile application helps customers connect with local couriers who could deliver urgent packages as well as pick up goods from any restaurant or store in a city.

JustEat- British Market Leader

As the name suggests, JustEat is the British online food delivery service that has partnered with many restaurants and cafes across the cities to make the food delivery process smoother and quicker. Originating in Denmark, JustEat operates in Spain and allows customers to order delicious food from nearby restaurants.

UberEats - Popular Name Among Foodies

UberEats is the subsidiary of a well-known ride-sharing company, Uber. Despite being established in the USA, UberEats also operates in other countries and allows customers to order food online. UberEats has become a go-to delivery service in Madrid and expanded its services that allow users to order groceries and medicines as well.

Deliverum - Popular Name in the Streets of Barcelona

Deliverum is the best food delivery app that connects users with local restaurants. If you are in Barcelona for the first time and looking for the best food options, Deliverum is the best option. The app consists of all the information about the restaurants, and this also includes pictures and menus or restaurants they serve.

Resto-In - Finest Delivery App in Paris

The food delivery app Resto-In is slowly becoming one of the most popular in Europe as a whole. Paris is already quite familiar with it, now Barcelona is starting to take notice of it as well. Because the app often provides you with valuable information about the food available, it might be the reason. Users will be especially interested in this when they visit Barcelona for the first time and have no clue about what to expect from the cuisine.

Ending Note

While wrapping up, It seems like the European food delivery market is facing fierce competition, and definitely food delivery market share goes the extra mile. No wonder why the idea of developing an advanced food delivery app seems profitable. On the other side of the coin, the pandemic has accelerated the online food delivery business. So what are you waiting for? Capitalize into the emerging market with unique ideas and concepts.

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