How do I prepare for Microsoft Exams?


Microsoft certifications are one of the topmost solutions when you want to begin your IT career.

If you come from a non-IT background and want to change your career path, begin by preparing for any Microsoft certifications. And for that, you need to start from basics by learning all the essential ABCs relating to Microsoft-certified examinations.

So, let us now begin by learning bits about Microsoft Certifications and its exams. You can also find some tips if you want to prepare for the Microsoft examinations.

To start with, it has been said that Microsoft certification exams are pretty rigorous. It is difficult even for experts if not appropriately prepared and unclear with essential Microsoft technology concepts. So, suppose you are a beginner in this field. In that case, it is high time that you indeed dedicate your precious time to learning basic technical subjects such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SQL Server.

While you are in the process of preparing and collecting resources for your Microsoft examination, do not forget to take the Microsoft practice exams. Practice exams not only help you to be familiar with the actual examination question pattern and style but also help you in gaining additional insight on potential exam topics and resource content.

Why Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft certifications are the primary way to make an entry into an IT career. You could consider yourself hired (higher chances) for an IT job role if you got a Microsoft Certificate. This certificate itself is proof that you are eligible as you possess the necessary knowledge and skills relating to core technical applications.

And while you are at it, ensure that you choose the appropriate Microsoft certification for yourself. Since it involves high technical content, picking the wrong certification path would possibly lead to failure. It is also because Microsoft’s certifications are designed role-based in relevance with available industry and market job roles.

Practical tips to prepare for Microsoft exams

You can get tons of materials and other resources online to prepare for your Microsoft exams. But, the disadvantage here is that not all those Microsoft content would be reliable and necessary. Collecting whatever you get concerning Microsoft exams from unreliable sources and without a bit of guidance is not a wise idea. You can follow the tips below to decide on what you should do for your Microsoft examinations.

  • Legitimate study materials

If you opt to get Microsoft certification-related study materials from offline sources, be ready to cut out a chunk of your budget. Even though such examination materials are available in lots. So, it is probable that you might have picked up some unwanted materials.

Instead, you have to collect study materials to look for online study guides for Microsoft certifications exams. For instance, there are these Microsoft exam dumps offered by SPOTO for Microsoft certification enthusiasts. Their exam dumps contain 100% official Microsoft exam questions which are verified by experts and IT professionals.

Suppose you are not getting the concept of Microsoft technicals by reading physical study materials like books and guides. In that case, you can also try learning using technology. Also, make a habit of taking notes while learning new topics or reviewing necessary concepts.

  • Review potential exam topics

Certifications exams are considered high-study examinations. And Microsoft Certification exams, as such, are usually very detailed with their exam questions. That is the reason why attempting candidates are numerous, but passing numbers are more diminutive. Even getting passing scores in such exams is challenging for experts.

To begin with, you can begin by studying the probable Microsoft concepts and exam descriptions. By any chance, if you decide to make use of the Microsoft exam dumps, you can rightfully learn about the potential topics that usually are covered in the exam questions. After reviewing such exam topics, you can even take a Microsoft practice test to check your understanding and limit of the Microsoft exam.

  • Do take practice exams.

Practice exams and mock tests are there for a reason. So, why not utilize them? Practice exams are the easiest way to understand the exam and its style and answer such questions. It has a significant role in making you pass the actual certification exam. The good thing about practice tests is that you can retake the exam to undo your wrong answers. This way, your knowledge, and concept will become more evident.

In practice exams, the question format is similar to the fundamental question in the Microsoft Certification exam. By attempting more and more practice tests, you can be more familiar with standard Microsoft terms and other questions & answers.


Microsoft certification is a great way to make yourself highly eligible and prefer technical job roles. But to get to that position, you need to prepare hard to pass the Microsoft Certification exam.

So, create a study routine and increase your chances of getting Microsoft certification.

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