How to set ringtone in iPhone without iTunes?

How to set ringtone in iPhone without iTunes

Apple users can relate when downloading MP3s, and setting them as ringtones on their iPhones is a tedious task.


You have to use iTunes on a computer to do every small thing. Right?

And even using iTunes, it's a long, multi-step process of changing formats and clipping songs that can induce headaches.

As if our problems were less, every new update took you to a new level of craziness with more complexity.

Don’t worry - We’re here to explain to you two quick solutions. That will not only help you out on ringtones, but you can get rid of the boring notification tones as well!



Let’s get started!

There are two amazing arrows in your quiver that are making the life of iPhone user’s a hell of a lot easier – WALTR 2 and iRingg.


So let’s talk about our first pick!

After going through plenty of apps, WALTR 2 is the best app to transfer a ringtone directly to your iPhone.

Here’s why
  • You can instantly drag-n-drop unique Ringtones, Music, and Videos files into all your Apple devices without iTunes. Yay!
  • Are you worried about the format of ringtones or any other file? Stop worrying since it supports all formats without any hassle and the best part is it can instantly convert MP3 to M4R for Apple users.
  • It transfers files from your Computer to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod safely and securely.
  • It has an intelligent ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) built for Music, Movies & TV shows. That can instantly identify to manage music and videos separately.
  • It brings ease of access by allowing you to transfer files to any Wi-Fi-enabled iOS device so that you don’t have to keep a USB cable in your pocket all the time.

Transfer Ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes

Don’t be surprised that it’s possible to transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes!

Because WALTR 2 has made it amazingly effortless.

You don’t have to look for small details to entangle your mind as it’s already been taken care of. You don’t need to worry about formats, as it works both with macOS and Windows.

Using WALTR 2 is just like a walk in the park.

Follow these simple steps to transfer your favorite ringtones.


Launch WALTR 2


Connect your iPhone with WIFI or USB and drop your required file to iPhone.


What’s that?

There is no step 3, just go to iPhone settings and select your ringtone. Simple! Wasn’t it?

Creating Custom Ringtones:

Want to make personalized ringtones?

Well, I told you earlier we have two arrows in the quiver, right?

So here’s the other arrow!


What Features iRingg Offers:

  • 6-Sense is a brand-new technology that uses an intelligent algorithm to recommend the best ringtones based on analysis of your listening data and habits.
  • With amazing SndMoji™, you can give a personal touch to your ringtone using cool sound effects.
  • You can use any of your favorite music tracks as your ringtone without worrying about formatting.
  • You can just push your newly created ringtone to your iPhone in one go. It’s as easy as that.

Steps to Create Your Personalized Ringtones

Step 1:

Select Your song and trim it

Step 2:

Be your own ringtone Master and add amazing SndMoji™ you can give a personal touch.

You have unlimited options to create a new tone.

Step 3:

Export the ringtone to your iPhone.


Work smart, not hard!

The world has moved to a phase where everyone desires to get ease of access to entertainment. And with the apparent complexities of Apple devices, sometimes it becomes challenging.

Here comes third-party software to skyrocket our entertainment experience.

WALTR 2 and iRingg are the best things in the market since sliced bread. That gives us freedom from getting entangled in iTunes complex prison.

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