How to Start a Family Home Gym


Health and fitness are a priority for just about every family. And if it isn't then it should be so. You will be able to get a fitness plan going quite successfully, provided that you get everyone on board. Exercising alone can be as lonely as it is futile. Why? Because one quickly loses both motivations as well as steam to hit the gym day after day, till such time as one quits altogether. However, making it a family enterprise with one hundred percent participation will mean that everyone will be on their toes (sometimes literally too).

Let us see how you can also go about starting your very own home gym so that everyone would want to work out there:

Find that perfect space

The very first thing to have to decide is where exactly you would want to set it up in the first place. It can be any place such as a spare bedroom, your kids’ old nursery, or even your basement or attic (if it is roomy and accessible enough). Basements can easily be turned into gym rooms, the transformation could start from installing rubber flooring for basements and then equipping it with suitable gym products. Some people also use their garages or back yards with an awning to create a home gym. However, make sure that it is a space that everyone is comfortable with, and there are no objections. If you start using the kids’ playroom and throw away their stuff, they are bound to feel resentful and they won’t join your daily gym time. Forcing them to do so, will just make things worse. The key here is to work out and not get distracted by the home cinema center, or the library, or the video game panel.

You also have to figure out the amount of space necessary. If multiple family members will be using it, it has to be big enough to support that. Alternately, if all of you have different timings then you can make do with a smaller space. You will also have to decide exactly how you want to use your home gym. If you want to use weights a lot, you will have to consider the kind of flooring you have. If you want to do pull-ups and high jumps, the ceiling has to be high enough for that. If you use electronic equipment you will need a power source. Finally, everything has to be done in such a manner that no one is disturbed either in the house or in the neighborhood. You might consider turning unused spaces and rooms such as your basement into a state-of-the-art gym room.

Add your desired equipment

Since it is your custom gym, you can design it any way you like. Ask your family what they like doing the most, and put together the equipment accordingly. Here, it is important to know that you will have to get equipment that will be useful for everyone. You can get a treadmill since it’s a classic staple for every gym. It is also a great way to exercise. Then there are elliptical machines for people who are not into high-impact exercises but want a full-body workout. Exercise cycles are great for people who love high-intensity cardio training.

You can also add dumbbells and resistance bands to the mix. They are small and easily stored, even if they are not used much. You will definitely need a few cardio exercise machines in your family gym. Apart from that, you should also get a few barbells and bench presses while at it. These machines will help you to increase your muscle mass so you will be burning calories even when you are at rest. Muscle mass is always better than fat when it comes to toning the body and getting rid of the excess flab.

Basically, your home gym should be a combination of various different types of equipment so that everyone will be able to exercise on their favorite machine. Just make sure that you take everyone’s opinion before you make a final purchase decision.


You can set up a family home gym once you get to know the preferences of every family member.

You will need a combination of cardio equipment and weight to create the ideal exercise mix for everyone.

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