Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) games of all time

Game Boy Advance is the first portable system I ever bought. The Game Boy Advance was released in Japan in March of 2001 and Europe and North America in June 2001. The original unit features a horizontal layout with a non-backlit screen in the middle powered by two AA batteries which last around 15 hours. The Game Boy Advance SP is the most popular model. The GBA games come on small cartridges that range from four to 32 megabytes. The Game Boy Advance has a 32-bit ARM processor running at 16.8 megahertz. Screen resolution is 240 by 160 pixels with 32,768 simultaneous colors, four independent background layers, and 128 sprites on the screen of varying sizes. Overall, the Game Boy Advance was a huge success selling over 81 million units worldwide with over 1500 released Game Boy Advance games.

Here we're gonna be looking at the best Game Boy Advance (GBA) games that have ever been released. The game boy advance was one of my most played handhelds ever. I remember getting one as a kid, and I just couldn't put it down, and still, to this day, I'm finding myself going back to it, but what I get asked a lot is what are the best games for it so I thought I'd put together this article showing the top 10 best game boy advance games of all time.

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1. Super Mario Bros 3 - GBA Game


Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the best Game Boy Advance video games. Its easy-level design makes the game so great. The game is full of imagination, and in every single world on every level, you never know what Mario will turn into and what obstacles you will face. The game comes with warp whistles that would let you skip through different levels in the game, and if you manage to find warp whistles, you can skip directly to the final world. Players can move freely, run fast, jump high, slide down to the hills, and more. The game is excellent for younger and inexperienced players. However, experienced players also can play the game without getting tired of it. The game also has a frog suit that lets Mario Jump higher and swim faster, but he slows down when using the frog suit on land. The hammer suit gives Mario the ability to throw hammer projectiles and protect himself with a fireproof shell. There is always more to discover in Super Mario Brothers 3. You can find more things by yourself by playing the game.

2. Double Dragon Advance - Game Boy Advance Game

Double Dragon Advance Game Boy Advance game

Double Dragon Advance for the Game Boy advanced the story for the game is brutal. It is the story of twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee. Billy faced a challenge because shadow warriors kidnapped his girlfriend (Marian). You will see her being punched in the belly and dragged away, it's up to Billy and Jimmy to roam the streets to rescue her, and our game begins. The combat for the game is excellent. You have a wide selection of moves utilizing the whole button layout. There are plenty of attacks, from stomping on your enemies lying on the ground to close lining your enemies. This game offers plenty of options in terms of combat. The gameplay is top-notch. You can easily control your character. However, being in between two enemies can be a bit of a pickle to get out of them. You cannot take enemies lightly. Every foe you come across will challenge your skills. I would classify it as great AI. The game programmers knew what they were doing. The music for the game is exceptional. Double Dragon has one of my favorite soundtracks of video games. Great music can set a game apart. Some animations added to the game, like when Billy is standing, you can see him looking around, and sometimes he makes a Bruce Lee stance that's pretty cool. Double Dragon Advance is one of the greatest games of all time. If you never play Double Dragon games, make sure you pick up the one for the Gameboy advanced. I think it's the best out of all the double dragons I've played.

3. Metroid: Zero Mission - One of the top GBA Games


Metroid zero mission is essentially a retelling of the original Metroid that debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. Those who remember playing that game in its heyday will be in for several surprises here. To get more specific than that would ruin some of the fun.  Even those who don't consider themselves fans of the series ought to appreciate the quality of the game. It features excellent controls, visuals, well-designed action, and exploration elements together with some excellent science-fiction touches. Much like 2002's, Metroid fusion zero mission is a disappointingly short-lived experience, even if it is good. Like every Metroid game, zero mission casts you as the legendary interstellar bounty hunter Samus Aran who's one-of-a-kind power armor that enables her to battle foes and reaches places no one else can. The game begins when she lands on the planet Zebes, her mission is to exterminate the space pirate presence on the outer Zebes and to wipe out the Metroid's those floating jellyfish-like creatures whose life-sucking properties threaten the galaxy. The game is a lot easier to play. Unlike the original Metroid, you do have an automap here, and at some key points, a blip on your map will indicate where you should go next. The game can be finished in five or six hours for the first time or even less if you're a veteran in the series. Fire rapidly in any direction using the beam weapon on the player's arm. You can also jump pretty high in the game. Your attacks can be made more powerful by using the ice beam, the wave beam, and the screw attack Samus. There is a lot more to discover in the game.

4. Pokemon Emerald - Pokemon GBA games

Pokemon Emerald GBA

Pokemon Emerald is one of the best Game Boy advance games. In the game, you begin your journey to becoming a Pokemon master. You officially start the journey once you receive your first starter Pokémon. Throughout the game, you will meet your main competitors, team aqua and team magma, whose views are opposite to each other. In the game, you have to save your home from destruction. When you're not dealing with that, you also seem to get all eight badges so you can challenge elite four for a chance to become champion. If you've ever played any pokemon game before, you should be very familiar with how this works. After getting your Pokémon, it's your job to catch, train, and evolve your team. This game features a fighting system that will reward specific types of damage against other sorts of Pokémon. There are also several types of attacks and defenses in the game. The game developers did well in its graphics, little yet noticeable things like animated pokemon during the battle, many different battle effects, and the nicely themed game world. If you're looking to play a classic video game for the first time, you will still be able to have a lot of fun with this game.

5. Gunstar Super Heroes Review - Game Boy Advance

Gunstar Super Heroes Game Boy Advance

Gunstar Super Heroes game is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed gun star heroes. The game launched on the game boy advance in 2005. As a late GameBoy advance release, sales were sluggish despite having positive reviews. The story picks up right where the previous left off. You must choose either red or blue as you set off to stop general gray from taking over the world. Red and Blue joined by Yellow, who acts as mission control, gun star superheroes, follow a similar pattern to the original. The first level teaches you the basic rules and flows of the game. There is a charge meter at the top of the screen. It fills up as you defeat enemies, and once it gets full, you can unleash a powerful attack. The level design has new ideas and enhanced versions of old levels. After playing the introductory stage, you get to choose between four chapters. Gunstar superheroes game isn't just an upgraded version of the original game. Many new concepts are featured as well. Gun star superheroes also excel in the boss department bosses are usually massive feature rotating parts and can be incredibly challenging. The graphics here are great and a nice send-off for the game boy advance. There are also plenty of SNES-like pixelation effects. Above all else, Gunstar superheroes move at a frantic pace. At almost all times, enemies' bullets and explosions littered the screen. Gunstar superheroes is an excellent game. The sound and visuals feel like an upgraded 16-bit game with plenty of new visual tricks.


So these are the best GBA games of all time. You can buy a Game Boy Advance console to play these games. If you do not have a Game Boy Advance console, You can also play these games on your Android, iOS, and Windows by installing a GBA emulator. Are you using an iOS device? You can download the GameBoy Advance emulator from third-party iOS app stores. To add your favorite game to the list, comment below with the game name.

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