7 best platforms for free anime

Intro: It's no secret that anime is an excellent form of entertainment. From the mind-bending stories to the mesmerizing visuals, there are many reasons why people love it! Anime has even become popular enough to have its subculture with thousands of fans all around the world. Whether you're new to anime or an experienced fan, watching anime can be expensive if you don't know where to look for free content online. Here are some great places where you can find free videos and start your journey into this incredible world!

1. Crunchyroll - Free Anime Platform


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming services, with over 25 million registered users and more than 800 titles in its catalog. The website has all the necessary features you would expect to find on a modern online service like support for multiple devices, intuitive navigation, curated lists of shows both old and new, and quality subtitles (they're not perfect, though). To access Crunchyroll's free content, visit their Anime section. From there, click Videos, then All Anime near the top of the page. A new window will pop up showing all their free series available. If you want to browse by genre or popularity, use My List instead. On your left, you'll see an option named Full Episodes. Click it, and another window will pop up where you can choose a series. Some episodes will have ads playing before them, but if you're set on watching something without ads, there's a premium subscription available for $6.95/month.

2. Amazon Prime Video - Anime Watch app

Amazon Prime Video might be better known for its retail services, but it's also a great place to watch anime! You may not have an amazon prime subscription, but you know people who have a Prime subscription. You can borrow their account for Amazon's video streaming service, which has many anime titles available to watch for free with a Prime account. Most of them are dubbed in English, but there are some subbed options as well. To get started scanning, simply download the Amazon app on your phone or go here and enter your email/password information. With over 900 anime titles for free, including popular ones like Attack on Titan (which is my personal favorite) and Cowboy Bebop, you're guaranteed to find something that you'll love.

3. Torrent download - Anime download website

How can we miss mentioning torrent that allows you to download and watch anime, including those that are rare and most are unavailable. You can download and watch anime at your own pace by enjoying an episode each day or speed through it by binge-watching it at once. Anime is available for you to download at the highest quality and all at once: all you need is a strong internet connection that allows you to download anime at high speed. Visit rarbg that facilitates you with such torrent clients for you to download anime from.

4. Hulu - Watch anime free online

Hulu has all the latest anime episodes available for free with ads, though they go quickly. They also offer two paid subscriptions (Limited Commercials and No Commercials), allowing you to watch their entire anime library ad-free. I don't recommend using Hulu as your primary source for anime because it doesn't provide older or full-length anime series.

5. Funimation - Best anime app

If you're into anime that have great themes. Funimation is an excellent anime app. They also have some fantastic movies with high production values, including titles such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. You can purchase or watch FunimationNow for free if you do not mind viewing ads every few episodes of an anime series. However, they offer paid plans at $5.99/month, which removes all ads on their website and supported devices. It would be the best plan to go with since it's cheaper than subscribing to both Crunchyroll and Netflix but still provides access to most anime TV shows that are currently airing.

6. Kissanime - Free anime site


A platform that gained immense popularity for being the best place to watch anime online, KissAnime has attracted hundreds of thousands of users with its unique interface and great content. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it's also simple to use, which enables you to enjoy more anime shows in a single visit! With just one page, you'll get access to more than 80,000 episodes of content! New titles are added all the time so you can keep up with the latest anime shows. With a vast library that has old and new content alike, it's guaranteed that you will always find something interesting to watch. The interface is also smooth and sleek, which makes navigation easy even if you're watching so many videos in one sitting! You can explore all of its features by clicking on the icon next to the volume slider. As a bonus, KissAnime has a section where users upload their content, including AMVs (anime music videos) and fan-made series like Naruto and Fairy Tail. It might be annoying to see advertisements, but it's worth it since they're all videos that you can watch for free.

7. AnimeLab - Free anime websites to watch

AnimeLab is a streaming service from the people who created Neon Alley. It's very similar to Crunchyroll, but the library of shows available is slightly different. There are some free series that you can watch with ads on both platforms, but AnimeLab has a few more exclusive titles and simulcasts. You can download videos for offline viewing, which may or may not be something you care about depending on how often you travel and anime's availability on your local airwaves! Also, like Crunchyroll, there are free and paid membership options and no limit to how many episodes of each show you can watch. If you're considering signing up for one or the other, it is recommended AnimeLab over Crunchyroll mainly because it's cheaper (although they are both inexpensive) and has a more extensive library.

CONCLUSION: all you need is a stable internet connection to connect to these free platforms that allow you to watch anime for free. Start your anime journey today!

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