How to Convert your docs to text? Online tools are a better way

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You have landed in the right place if you want to convert different documents to a textual format. In this post, you will find all kinds of information that you need to change your docs to text without much hassle. If you think that document format conversion takes a lot of time and effort, you are not familiar with the online tools and technology that are popularly being used all across the globe today.

It was considered very difficult to convert a document file to textual format in the past. This was because it took a lot of time and experience to extract text from a document file manually. The text format is one of the most basic file formats in the digital world today. Now, suppose your documents are saved in PDF, Word, JPG, or any other popular format and you want to convert it into text. In that case, you can take either offline or online!

Conversion of different document formats to text!

Now, if you don't have a web connection or want to take help from online conversion technology to change your documents to text, you have to follow the traditional way.

It doesn't matter in which format your files are saved using the manual text extraction technique. In the manual procedure, you have to open the PDF, word, or image format files on your device and your digital notepad in another window.

Start writing the content that is visible to you in the notepad. Once you have extracted all the readable text, you can easily save the file in TXT format.

This method might look straightforward to you, but you need to understand that manual conversion is not always accurate, plus it takes a lot of time. If your documents consist of more than hundreds of words, it can take hours to convert them to text. In the manual conversion procedure, you can only extract the text visible to you. There is always a chance you can miss something or make a mistake in extraction.

This is why today we would suggest you leave the old traditions and get familiar with modern technology and tools. The online conversion method is surely the most reliable and effective!

Some popular online converter tools to change documents to text!

More than hundreds of different tools and applications can help you change different kinds of document formats to text or any of your desired formats.

PDF to word/text converter tools 

If your documents are saved in PDF format, you can easily convert the PDF files to textual format using online converter tools. You can use an online PDF to Word converter and get editable text in less than seconds. You have to upload the PDF files in the online tool and click on the convert to word button. The tool would take less than ten seconds to get your text in word format. You can change as many PDF files to text as you want.

JPG to Word/text converter tools

If you want to convert text from images, you can easily use an online jpg to word converter. The Jpg to word converter is an online utility that can help you change content on your images to text or word format. Just enter the images that have text on them. After uploading the files, you would choose to select from text and word. If you want the document converted in text, you would select TEXT and hit the convert button. You would get the document converted into an editable format in less than seconds.

Word to TXT converter tools

The word to TXT converter tools is the cloud-based utilities that can help you change ms word files to the .txt format for free. Word files are indeed editable. However, if you want the unformatted and simple text from a word document, you can easily change it to text in less than fractions of seconds with the help of word-to-text converter tools. These tools are also free to use, so you don't have to worry about the cost of conversion!


Offline or traditional conversion methods have become outdated, and this is because they are considered a waste of time and effort. Today online conversion tools are in trend, and they are considered to be better than manual conversion because of the following reasons:
  • You can convert all kinds of file formats to your desired ones for free and without limitations.
  • Online converter tools are very easy to use, so you don't have to worry about learning anything new to use them.
  • You can use them online without any installation and signups.
  • The best thing about online conversion tools is that they promise 100% accuracy!

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