How to Get a Great Job

Do you want a great job? Of course. Are you tired of never hearing back from positions that you seem to be a perfect fit for? We bet you are. And if you’ve suspected the reason you feel stuck is because your resume isn’t done right, you’re correct.

Lucky you, though. Because we’re here to show you how to find a job with a resume nobody else can compete against, even if you may not have the most competitive work history.

Use a Resume Builder Online

You know what people say. The right tool is halfway to success. Our go-to web-based app is CV2You, where you can make a free resume without paying. You can write the information in a different file, then fill each section and easily rearrange text blocks in this smart resume builder.

The tool also lets you export your resume in PDF format, which is compatible with most online hiring systems. The free template gives you the basic framework which you can customize, or you can opt for the professional and creative templates.

Write a Good Cover Letter

A great job looks for more than someone to fill the position, but someone who can grow with the company. And you need a good cover writer to prove you are in line with the company’s culture.

Look up some cover letter examples and tailor it to your own experience. Additionally, Your online resume editor should also come with a template for cover letters.

In your cover letter, be sure to include your latest contact information. Also, keep everything in one page so it is easy for the recruiter to go through.

Highlight Career Milestones

If you want not only a good, but a great job, then be smart with your employment history. Instead of going reverse-chronological order, pick and choose through your experience so you can highlight career milestones that really showcase your abilities and growth.

For example, when writing out the duties and responsibilities of each past position, focus on any title and recognitions you’ve received. For example, if you were a salesperson, how did you rank overall among the company’s sales team? If you were a team lead, what significant project have you accomplished with your team members?

Those are the things an employer looks for when seeking a quality candidate for an important position.

Show a Well-Balanced Skillset

We sure hope you have the professional skills required to get the job. But a great job looks beyond the technical aspects. Therefore, when writing the skill session, make sure you cover all aspects because it’s easy to overlook some soft, personal skills.

You also want your skill section simple and clean-looking. Avoid being overly creative or using a ton of visual elements. Things such as infographics and icons are also incompatible with most online hiring systems.

Some Final Tips

So, let’s wrap the process up.

For starters, use an online resume creator, such as CV2You, for a free resume without paying. That way, you can invest more in either hiring a resume editor, or polishing your resume by yourself referring to top examples.

Once everything is filled out, make sure you include at least two professional references, especially if you’re aiming for a higher-paying job. A great job doesn’t just hire whomever, after all.

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