Most Popular Smart Phones 2021

Most popular smartphones

When you purchase a cell phone, there are many different things to consider. That is because cell phones today are like small handheld computers. You might want a phone with a specific operating system or if you have a job that involves taking pictures, you might care about the specifications of the camera. A new cell phone is also not cheap if it's the most recent model. There are advantages and drawbacks to every phone. We will cover those advantages and drawbacks so if you are in the market for a new phone, you will have a better idea of what phone to purchase.

8: iPhone SE

If you just want a quality phone that will be something you can use and you don't have to break the bank to afford then the iPhone SE might be for you. This phone did come out in 2020 but it still performs well, has an acceptable camera, has an App Store with many different selections to choose from, and weighs less than most iPhones. There is no headphone jack and the battery life isn't that long. Even though this phone came out in 2020, it's still a worthwhile phone today. You could get this phone for $399 but that model only has 64 GB of storage. The models with more storage will be more expensive.

7: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you want an Android phone with a great camera then you don't have to look any further than the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It's going to be hard to find a better display on any kind of phone than the display this one has. This phone does come with a stylus but one drawback is the big price tag that comes with this phone. If you plan to purchase this phone, you won't find one cheaper than $1,300. If you want a phone with 512 GB of memory then you come could close to paying $1,500.

6: OnePlus 9 Pro

The OnePlus 9 Pixel works well, has a great camera for people who like to take pictures with their phones. The camera on this model is much better than the cameras that came on previous models. There are also other benefits if you choose to purchase a OnePlus 9 Pro. Speaking of purchasing, if you want a phone with 128 GB of memory then you will have to pay about $969. If that price is a little too high then you could purchase the standard OnePlus 9 which goes for about $730.

5: Google Pixel 6/Google Pixel 6 Pro

If the power of the cell phone matters to you the most then you're not going to be impressed with the Google Pixel 6; However, this phone is a great selection for people who love to take pictures with their cell phone. The Google Pixel 6 doesn't have the longest battery life and the camera on the phone does not have a telephoto lens. However, the advantage is the big sharp display screen this phone has. The Google Pixel 6 also has a fresh new look and it's not as expensive as Android phones although the total cost will depend on who is your carrier. You could get this phone with 128 GB of storage for $600. If you want twice as much storage then you could get a Google Pixel 6 with that size memory for $100 more.

4: iPhone 13

Is the iPhone 13 so great that it makes all other iPhones obsolete by comparison? The iPhone 13 isn't that great. The processing system and the camera are better than what was included on older iPhones. This iPhone also had a long battery life than previous iPhones. If the extra bells and whistles that came with the iPhone 13 Pro were something you could do without then the iPhone 13 is a great selection when you consider what it can handle. The iPhone 13 cost $800 but if you wanted more than 128 GB of storage then you could pay $900 to get an iPhone 13 with 256 GB. If both of those selections are too expensive, there is a miniature iPhone 13 if the screen size and phone specifications don't matter to you.

3: Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus

While this phone is not the best in the Samsung S Series, but it has a great camera, awesome battery life, and an impressive operating system. If you want the best Samsung phone on the market then you will want to purchase the Samsung Ultra which we also have covered below. However, the advantage of the S21 Plus is that it's not as expensive as the previous model was at launch and there are many things you can do with Samsung Galaxy 21. The cheapest model starts at $800 but if you want more memory, you can get the same model with more memory for $50 more.

2: iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you would rather pick a phone from Apple instead of Samsung then you may be interested in the iPhone 13 Pro. While there aren't many reasons to get a new phone if you have the iPhone 12, there is no phone from Apple that has better battery life. The camera on this phone takes great photos and the performance of this phone is top-notch. Also, the screen on the iPhone 13 is very smooth. While these improvements on their own may not be enough reason to warrant upgrading from the previous model, this is still one of the best phones from Apple in 2021. This phone also ranges between $1000-$1500 depending on how much storage you want on your phone.

1: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This phone includes a large screen, has five cameras and like the previous model allows you to zoom just as much as you could on the previous phone. This phone is not cheap although it's not as expensive as when the previous model was first released. There are drawbacks because it does not come with a cell phone charger and there is no place to insert a Micro SD card on the phone. If you have $1300 to spend on a cell phone then this is the best choice to pick

These are the best cell phones to choose from. The best one for you will depend on what you are looking for as well as what you can afford - Up money poor credit loan comparison table could help you find cheap credit even if you have a bad credit score. If the quality of what your cell phone can do matters to you, then is the list of the best phones to choose from that are currently out on the market.

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