The Role of School Life


School life is one of the crucial points in one's life. It is filled with lessons and shapes one's future. School also plays a major or important role in every child's life and the child's development, growth, and learning. The role of school in life is to shape our personality. A school promotes the interest of a student and also empowers and encourages them with the opportunities to become great individuals. The spread of the new education system implies growth as it is similar to the development of our society.

Teachers do play a major or important role in any student’s life. Teachers must bring out the best in every student and encourage them to work hard for greatness and achievement. Students are regarded as the future of the country and mankind, and a teacher is said to be a good guide for advancement. They do not just guide students in academics or co-curricular activities, but they are also said to be responsible for shaping a child’s future. They make the child a better human being. A teacher gives knowledge, good values,  modern-day difficulties, and ways to resolve them to a student. A good teacher is said to be a good role model to a student. These can be said to be the qualities of a good teacher. A teacher’s absence in a student’s life can downgrade their morale and make them feel less valuable in life.

Online teaching has made teachers accessible to all. The LMS Portal plays a massive role in making education available for all. This imparts knowledge to students that easily last a lifetime.

Lifetime support

All the activities a student participates in, play a major role in the development of the future. The academic and co-curricular activities that a student participates in teach them life-long lessons.

Co-curricular activities are said to improve the learning of students. It helps them identify and develop the inner talents of students such as creative and public skills, leadership qualities, among others. These qualities help them for their entire life. It gives them better career opportunities as well. These co-curricular activities also provide them the opportunity of thinking out of the box and get experimental ideas of their own.

Community building

A good community can add value to a person's life. It helps in supporting the members of a group and provides a sense of togetherness. It helps make strategic connections. It also acts as a source of advice that the group members can apply to the lifetime. Community members often share a goal for personal improvement and continued learning.

The community and sense of togetherness help a person in their lifetime. They feel attached and loved by the school community. The friends, classmates, teachers,s and school authorities act as support throughout the student's life.

One of the learning that school teaches is the true meaning of teamwork. This is a critical aspect of a student's life. The projects, reports, club activities, sports, and the educative teachings at the school prepare any child to be independent. They understand the meaning of efforts that are made together. How to help one another in times of need is also taught to them.


Good qualities such as hard work, how to be confident, independent, honest, responsible, creative, wise, compassionate, respectful, self-sufficient, courageous, helpful, graceful, courteous, joyful, social, humble, curious, and full of gratefulness and service, are taught in school that remains with a student for a lifetime.


One of the best things about school life is that a person can learn things for free. When a student leaves school, they discover how difficult it is to learn. One can easily access free tools and resources for major tasks and also a lot of assignments.


School life is an important part of a person's life. It is to be nurtured as it teaches a lot. It prepares us for the upcoming future and events. It gives us friendship that lasts for a lifetime. It makes us responsible and prepares us to be independent. Every moment of school life should be cherished, be it good or bad. Bad events were life lessons, good moments become lifetime memories.

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