5 Best Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Beginners

apex legends

Apex legend is a battle royale game launched in 2019. This game has a unique combination of 14 legends that has special abilities. Players can choose among these 14 legends and capitalize on their abilities in the game. 

These special abilities make Apex legend more exciting and challenging. Today we will talk about a few necessary things that a beginner should consider. You can also use the apex aimbot to increase your survival chances in this fantastic game.

Choose a Character

There are 14 legends for you to choose from in the game. Each legend has its unique ability that you use during the game. Some are tactical, while some are passive. Each of the legends also has a unique perk that you can use. You can proceed to the end of the game no matter which legend you choose. But, selecting a legend according to your playing style will be helpful. 

If you are an aggressive player who loves fire-fights then, Wraith or Bangalore will work best. If you are more on the tactical side then, Gibraltar or Bloodhound will be suitable. If you play a healer role for your team, you should choose Lifeline. In that way, you can choose what works best for you to increase your survival chance.

Jump Together

Like every battle royale game, you have to airdrop on the map with your team. Before jumping, the system assigns the role of Jumpmaster to any of your teammates. It would be best to stick with your team to land at the same spot during the jump. 

If you try to stray away, you will face the enemies alone. You will die within the first few minutes of the game. Try to build a consensus about the jump spot before the jump. Even if you disagree with the site, do not separate from your team. 

As you land, do not go one behind the other. Enter into a different house to loot without compromising other team members' options.

Work Together With Legends

After you have landed and looted the weapons. It is time to work together and shape your in-game strategy. Make use of all the perks that you receive with your legend. Choose the best combination of legends to work well in both the roles of defense and offense. A variety of Bangalore, Gibraltar, and lifeline works best as a team. You can learn to choose characters, but the optimal use of their perks is the key to winning. Dedicate some time learning about the game and its legends. You will get the feeling of improvement in your gameplay with time.

Pack Inventory With Care

After Jumping in the map, you begin to see a lot of ammo and weapons. But to carry the arms and ammunition, you only have eight slots in your backpack. If you find another bag on the map, you can add six more slots to your carrying capacity. In this way, you can carry more ammo and health restoring kits with you in the battle. After the initial foraging of the ammo and weapons, you should stick with only relevant items. Drop unnecessary items to free the occupied slots and put these empty slots to better use. Keep an eye on your inventory to keep track of items in it. Drop what is not needed to make the place what you will need.

Stay Alert While Reviving

This is one position in the game where you need to be careful if an enemy player knocks out your teammate during the match and does not kill him completely. Do not make a blind dash to revive your teammate. First, scout the area for enemy movement. If you are confident, then only try to restore. Avoid reviving in the open under any circumstances. Even if you have to restore in the open, keep an eye out for the enemies.


Apex legend is the game that requires more than gun slinging. You must be aware of the individual powers of your legends and make the most of them. Never try to ride solo in this game; you will not survive long. 

Make your team with the best combination of legends to excel in every game aspect. Be careful when packing your inventory; keep what is necessary and drop the rest. Never hurry to revive your teammates; the enemy might be in shadows, waiting to kill more of your team.

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