8 Ways to Make Your Business Website Stand Out

Nowadays people are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet, so it is critical for businesses to have an online presence so that potential clients can easily find them. However, given how fierce competition is in every industry, you’ll almost certainly be competing with a slew of other businesses to gain customers’ attention.

As a result, if you don’t have a unique and functional website, you’ll likely experience substantial business losses. So, with only 15 seconds to pique your visitor’s interest, you need to learn how to make your website stand out, attract and engage your visitors. Check out these eight ways to improve your website and provide the best online experience for your visitors.

Establish a Good Information Hierarchy

Information hierarchy is the way you organize your website content. It’s your website blueprint and the means by which website users will engage your content. A proper website information hierarchy includes what pages will be on the website, how they relate to each other, the goals of the pages, and what content will be on them. Group related content together, highlight the most important pages, and keep them organized in a logical hierarchy.

Make It Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of online searches start on mobile, so there’s a good chance your customers are using their smartphone to find you. As a result, you must make sure your website has a responsive mobile design and simplified menus to deliver the best experience possible as soon as smartphone users land on it.

Leverage APIs

APIs can help customize the website content to tailor it to the needs of your visitors and customers. In addition, they can help you improve the user experience by offering a more comprehensive service range in less time. 

For example, if you serve goods to an international customer range, make sure they see your product pricing in their local currency. Integrating a JavaScript currency converter is the best way to accomplish this. Similarly, consider social APIs to enable your customers to log into your website using their social media accounts to encourage a faster buy-in.

Always Have the Customer in Mind

The key to making your website stand out is to ensure a great user experience. You should offer a website that is easy to navigate on multiple platforms and simple to understand. Otherwise, you risk causing users frustration which can hurt your ultimate goal. 

Additionally, make sure that your website speaks to your key audience, and don’t forget to include a clear call to action. These two elements will increase the likelihood of prospects engaging with it and moving closer to taking action.

Invest in Good Writing

This probably seems obvious, but we must highlight how important content is. Crafting original and high-quality content will establish your business’s credibility while also helping with the search engine ranking. Try to take a unique stand on a topic that speaks to your audience, provide insight and inspiration, and keep it fresh.

Have High-Quality Images

People are visual, so don’t overlook the importance of good images, graphics, infographics, and icons. They make it easy for visitors to skim your content and process information before deciding what to do next. Of course, you can use stock photos when you need to but, if you can, develop your own content that would capture the real essence of your business and match your brand aesthetic. Don’t forget to optimize the images for speed so that your website doesn’t slow down and your rankings suffer.

Create Videos

Quality video content can help you increase your conversion rate. And with 86% of businesses already using video as a marketing tool, it’s no longer optional if you want your website to stand out. Video is an entertaining and more engaging way to give your customers a sense of what your website is all about. It can help you establish brand personality and become more relatable to potential customers.

Take Branding Seriously

Branding is an obvious way to make your website stand out. Remember to stick to your branding guidelines and be consistent with your style and visual elements. You should capitalize on your logo as it’s one of the most powerful branding tools and a visual representation of your brand. Display it prominently to entice your customers to identify with it. Additionally, keep the rest of your website consistent with your theme and logo.


A fully optimized and engaging online presence not only draws customers but also encourages them to take action. When done correctly, your website can provide a constant stream of new leads and ultimately improve your bottom line. Whatever you do, always keep your target audience and their needs in mind. Follow these tips and never settle for second best! 

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