If you own a horse, make sure you take care of your horse and have all the needed supplies for your horse. It would help if you had these essentials to groom your horse and keep them clean. But do you know what kits you need? Are you sure you need to include these in your kit?

Here are eight essential supplies which you need for your horse-

1. Horse grooming kit

To keep your horse clean, you must have this horse grooming kit. You can easily buy these online on websites like PETstock Australia. This horse grooming kit contains a tail brush, face brush, sweat scraper, body brush, and mane. These are essential horse supplies because some of these are used to clean the horse's body, some are used to clean the face of the horse, and some for other sensitive parts of the horse's body.

2. Shampoo

You need to make your horse look shiny and clean its fur every week. It is needed to maintain the hygiene of the horse; otherwise, they may get some disease. One of the famous horse shampoos is Vetrolin. The horse shampoos make the horse's mane silky and smooth. If you have a large stable, you can buy them a lot.

3. Spray Bottle

Keep a spray bottle with you when you have a horse stable. Since your horses stay in mud, they sometimes get themselves covered in mud. With the use of these spray bottles, you can get rid of the mud without bathing your horse. You can bathe your horse every day since they will catch a cold. Instead, you can fill these spray bottles with water and use them to wash off the mud.

4. Hair Polish

Being the owner of a horse, it is necessary that you make your horse look good and beautiful. Therefore, you need to keep them clean and ensure that they don't lose the shine in their hair. You should always keep a hair polish kit for your horse, which you should use once or twice every week. These hair polishes will help give your horse's hair shiny and smooth skin. These are especially used in the mane and tail of the horse. You can find some budget-friendly horsehair polish if you have a horse stable.

5. Fly spray

Since your horse stays a lot of time in the mud, they get a lot of dirt on their skin which attracts flies. These flies can be spreading contaminating diseases, and that can affect the health of your horses. Thus, in order to get rid of these flies, you should buy horse spray for your horse - these help in getting rid of the flies that wander around your horse. This will help save a lot of diseases since it will keep a lot of pesky pests away from your horse.

6. Horse tack equipment

When you are keeping a horse, you will also ride them. For this, you need to have all the necessary equipment needed to ride the back of your horse. Some of these include bits, stirrup leathers, harnesses, reins, saddles, bridles, and halters. Make sure you keep all this equipment with you when you keep a horse or decide to keep one.

7. Blankets and sheets

There are some horses that don't grow much fur, and they catch a cold. You should keep blankets and sheets available for such horses to cover them up with. A turnout sheet is needed because it will help your horse not get wet when it's raining.

8. Saddles

Make sure to find your horse a perfect saddle that fits it. A wrong-sized saddle can give your horse unwanted injuries and make them uncomfortable. You should hire a saddle fitter if you don't know how to find the perfect saddle. This will help you find the perfect saddle for your house.

Final Thoughts

I hope our blog helps you find and understand what equipment and supplies you need for your horse. You must maintain your horse and keep your horse clean. This is needed when you own a horse and a horse stable.

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