How to Run a Successful Remote QA Team

Every company must ensure high-quality services to offer to clients. It means a special quality assurance team is required to deliver top-notch services. The QA team ensures that the company’s products meet the arranged standards of quality. Besides, QA experts use various efficient testing methods to test the product quality. Also, they check the product for any issues and provide solutions to fix uncovered issues.

The QA department is an important group of experts for modern software companies. Still, many companies have no idea how to use quality assurance teams as it is defined at They struggle with determining the characteristics of a well-experienced QA team. We have developed a detailed guide to help you to learn how to manage a QA team. Our guides help to learn how to run a successful remote QA team and assure top-quality product delivery.

Why Consider Running a Remote QA Team?

Many modern companies do not bother to hire a full QA team. Still, if they care about the quality of their products, a wise decision must be made. The best option is to hire a remote QA team. In such a case, you avoid a complicated employment process, but still, create your quality assurance team.

QA specialists help to ensure the required high standards of quality. They allow delivery of top-notch products. Every company’s department must be managed properly. If you tend to create and run a remote QA team, it is important to assure a proper cross-team collaboration. You need to provide the best practices and use your experience in business to manage the QA team successfully.

The hiring process of quality assurance team members includes a careful vetting of the best candidates. The leading specialists for a position must be chosen among the list of approved candidates. Besides, it is important to assure that every candidate can work in a team. No matter what position you want to cover, a software tester remote specialist, or engineer, the chosen experts should operate in a team. The entire QA department should always work as a single unit.

How to Manage the Day-To-Day Process of Running a Remote QA Team

Before you get to a QA team management, you must assure you have it fully staffed. There are two main ways to get a well-organized QA team. You can build it from scratch. Otherwise, you can hire an already established professional team. If you built your team, the hiring process must be well-arranged and candidates’ requirements should be clear.

You must have only top specialists on board. In such a case, you can guarantee professional remote QA testing. Besides, you should teach the team members to cooperate properly. You can manage your team once using the latest communication channels, video conference apps, and remote desktop access tools. Thus, your interaction with the QA department can be quite productive every day.

Once managing a remote QA team, you should pay attention to the following key points of team management. Thus, you will be able to manage the day-to-day process of running a remote quality assurance team successfully.

Delegation of QA Duties and Roles

To manage a successful QA team, you should delegate duties properly. It means, your decision to assign roles to certain specialists must be based on chosen expert’s skills and strengths. The specialist should get adequate duties that match his experience and qualifications. In short, every person must be in the right place. The responsibilities and roles in a team can change with time. You should pay attention to your employee’s expertise to assign proper tasks to your experts.

Encouragement of Knowledge Sharing

To assure great cooperation between team members, knowledge sharing should be encouraged. Everyone must feel himself a part of a big team. Once sharing knowledge and experience, team members motivate each other to work better. Besides, they benefit greatly once gaining new knowledge and skills. They also learn to assist other experts to achieve a common goal.

Recognize Great Results and Excellence

To keep your team highly motivated and concerned with the results, you should recognize good work. If the specialist contributes greatly to the process, you should acknowledge him. Your employees must feel appreciated once they do their job impressively well. Moreover, they should be nicely rewarded to keep motivated to work in your testing team.

Define the Failures by Outlining Solutions

You can use failure as an effective teaching instrument. In such a case, any mistake will become an opportunity for your workers to learn more. If you can provide a solution to an existing issue, you will easily turn any failure into a valuable lesson. Besides, every highly-qualified team always learns from their own mistakes.

Find the Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

You should recognize every team member as an individual. Thus, you will be able to learn what motivates every of your team members the most. With the information gained, you should offer your employees great promotions and pleasant bonuses to reward them for great work.

Using Tools and Frameworks to Run a Remote QA Team Effortlessly

To assure an effortless work of a remote quality assurance team, you should use the latest tools and frameworks. With the up-to-date devices and advanced software, you have all the chances to assure seamless cooperation between your team members. There are certain types of tools that can improve your collaboration with team members greatly.

Instant Messaging Tools

To arrange well-organized cooperation with QA team members, instant communication tools must be used. You often need to solve various issues fast. Thus, up-to-date instant messaging tools are mandatory. They help to reach your team members instantly and get the needed response promptly. Among the main instant messaging tools, you can choose Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Video Conference and Online Meetings Tools

You do not need to bother to arrange a conference or a team meeting in your office. Your remote team can be reached through the most popular video conference & online meetings tools. There are a bunch of effective apps you can select from. It includes Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. You can use all the benefits offered by applications to arrange an online conference between all the members of your team.

Remote Desktop Access Tools

To manage a remote team properly, remote desktop access tools can be used. With allowed remote access you can ensure better cross-team cooperation. Such tools like TeamViewer or AnyDesk allow other team members to gain more information on the work you do. Besides, it can serve well when two specialists work on the same task.


To ensure a successful work of a remote QA team, you need to learn how to manage it properly. The management of a testing team includes numerous important processes. You should provide the latest tools and software to maintain instant communication channels and video conferences. Besides, you need to keep your employees highly motivated. It calls for proper recognition of significant work results and proper reward system establishment.
Many companies that built QA teams from scratch must assure a proper hiring process. Thus, they need to look for the best experts in the current market. The vetting of proper candidates must be thoughtful and based on the candidates’ requested skills and qualifications. It involves presenting a clear job description with obligatory requirements to candidates. Once you have all your team members on board, you can use the presented guide to manage your remote QA team successfully.

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