Instagram the Fails: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Maybe you want to be an influencer or grow your Instagram followers to help promote your business.  No matter the reason, there is a right way and a wrong way to do Instagram marketing. A popular Instagram account not only grabs followers’ attention but leads to conversion for your business.

If you don’t develop your Instagram account correctly, it leads to the exact opposite. We’ll examine some of the most common Instagram fails and teach you how to use Instagram. The best Instagram posts are engaging and make people want to come back to your page again and again.

Instagram Fails: Not Posting Regularly

The goal of all social media is to engage your customers. It increases trust and brand recognition but posting irregularly or randomly doesn’t get the job done. People like order and if you post during the times they’re engaged with Instagram, you hook them with your content.

Instagram allows you to schedule posts ahead of time, so you create content even if you’re not available at the time. Research when your followers are online and schedule your posts accordingly. If you want spontaneity, then use Instagram Live videos as they send notifications to followers and engage them in real-time.

You Post Only Pictures

People often think Instagram is like Pinterest and created for pictures only, but that isn’t the case. There are several types of content you can create.

Instagram stories are popular and there are more than 500 million of them on the platform. Video is another rarely used option. Businesses believe videos need high budgets and quality, but people enjoy guerilla-style videos.

That doesn’t mean creating low-quality videos but creating videos that are interesting to your followers. Instagram Live is the perfect way to create quick videos when you’re at a conference or have a unique situation you want to publicize.

Use Low-Quality Images

While videos have a little leeway when it comes to quality, Instagram pictures need to look the best. There are static, so blurry pictures or pixelate pictures end up annoying followers rather than engaging them.

If you’ve had an Instagram account for years, you may forget that your early content wasn’t the best. Go back and remove any poor-quality content on your account and replace them with new vibrant images. You’ll notice your followers become more engaged and the number of your follower's increases.

Spamming Your Followers

You’re excited about your Instagram account, or you created a lot of great images over a short period of time. You think adding them all at once would be great, but that’s not true. People don’t want to be overwhelmed with lots of pictures suddenly.

They prefer to visit your account and see a few quality pictures at a time. They aren’t engaged and instead are overwhelmed.

The same can be said for sales pictures. Don’t just have lots of pictures of your products. They aren’t there to buy something when they first visit. That comes later, but you want them to know about your products.

Instead, create pictures of people using your products, before and after pictures, and other images that engage your followers. If you want to post lots of pictures, use the slideshow feature.

Don’t Respond to Followers

Engagement with followers is more than just seeing pictures and getting likes. This is only the beginning of turning followers into customers. Today, people want personalized experiences, and you get that by engaging their comments.

If someone provides a comment on some of your best Instagram posts, then respond or give it a like. If the comments are great, then don’t forget to direct message them to thank them for their support. This makes you more than just a business trying to sell products and instead of a friend with a personal relationship.

Not Using Links

Social media is about engagement, but the ultimate goal is to get them to purchase your products or services. Many businesses forget to include links to their bio in posts. A link lets people read your bio, have access to your website, and even subscribe to your emails.

Every bio needs to have a quality call to action that directs people to your website. Even if they don’t buy something right away, they know what you have and may come back. You can use this in conjunction with retargeting ads to keep your company in the front of their mind.

Improper Use of Hashtags

One of the most common Instagram issues is the improper overuse of hashtags. Hashtags are ways for people to search Instagram for specific types of content. Many businesses search for the most popular hashtags and then use them in their posts.

This causes problems because Instagram users expect a specific type of content from the hashtags, and they don’t get it. Instead, they’re greeted with an unrelated post. This is the opposite of engagement.

Businesses also overuse hashtags. They’ll include dozens in a post in the hopes of bringing in traffic. You should only use hashtags relevant to the post and don’t spam your posts with hashtags. It turns off the users.

You might be served by using something such as Instagram growth services by Stormlikes.

Editing After going Live

You always want to provide the finished product on your Instagram page. If you’re in a hurry and post something before editing it, it may not look good. Instagram also resets your engagement levels when you edit something after being published.

If you have several comments and likes on an image and then go to clean it up through editing, you lose all that and start over from the beginning. If it’s been up for a while, you likely won’t get that engagement back.

Avoid Instagram Mistakes

The Instagram posts with the most views avoid these common Instagram fails. They maintain and grow their account through hard work and great imagery.

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