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Yes, give a try to a free Mp4 to WebM converter that lets you change Mp4 (MPEG4) files to WebM videos. WebM (Web Media) is referred to as the best media format that provides you with a royalty-free alternative for web videos (HTML5 video and audio elements). It uses VP8/VP9 (video) and Vorbis/Opus (audio) codecs to provide you with suitable compression settings for HTML5 video. If compared to Mp4, WebM offers a higher compression ratio, and even keeps the quality high.

Thus, it’s better to stick with Web Media (WEBM) media file format instead of Mp4 files. And, even now thanks to certain sources of Mp4 to Webm converter that takes a couple of seconds for particular video file conversions.

Did you Know!

Whenever you need to embed your videos on the HTML5 page, WEBM (Web Media) is referred to as the best format as compared to MP4. For such preferences, you need to get the best online MP4 to WEBM converter from the source of which assists you to export Mp4 as a WebM video file.

TalkHelper Video Converter:

It is referred to as the best Mp4 to WEBM converter that is loaded with speedy conversions and even quality retention. The upside is that this video converter lets you turn Mp4 files into WebM videos that combine either VP8 or VP9 video codec with Vorbis audio codec.

Moreover, this keeps the original video size or even resize to 480P, HD 720P, Full HD 1080P, or 4K 2160P. Besides that, you don’t require to stick with manual video conversion settings as it is packed with highly optimized profiles that work best for starters. Also, you could now turn multiple Mp4 videos into WebM files within a single tap without any limitations.

Why Choose:
  • Loaded with fast and high-quality MP4 video to WebM conversion
  • Provides you with an optimized video conversion preset
  • Assists to control the output quality level
  • Let’s deal with batch WebM to MP4 conversion
  • Packed with a built-in video downloader
  • Let’s you work with video resizing up to 4K
  • 100% free, offline use without limitations.

HandBrake MP4 to WebM Converter:

Give a try to this free and open-source that assists you to turn videos from almost any format including Mp4 to Web Media files. The most appealing reason to use this online Mp4 to WebM converter will let you process conversions using well-thought presets, you can be able to tailor the output WEBM file for Discord, Vimeo, YouTube, Gmail, and more without any distortion.

Also, this Mp4 to WebM converter can let you pick your preferred video codec and audio codec to attain a more personalized output. Moreover, Pro users can be able to flip, rotate, crop, scale, and even adjust the video resolution, apart from changing the audio quality, bitrate, channels, sample rate, and much more.

Why Choose:
  • Provides you with the rich MP4 to WebM conversion presets
  • Allows you to preview the output before conversion
  • Provides you with customizable output settings
  • You can be able to add subtitles (if required)
  • Allow you to work with high-quality video upscaling and downscaling
  • 100% free and open-source.


FFmpeg is another software that assists you in converting Mp4 to WebM from the command line. It is loaded with certain libraries and programs that provide you with a smooth workflow anytime that you need to turn Mp4 videos into WebM files. Besides converting videos, FFmpeg assists you to scale videos according to your requirements.

Overall, this software is indicated as a best to use Mp4 to WebM converter that provided you with high conversion speeds and quality outcomes. However, if you’re not wanted to work with the command line, you simply have to switch to a GUI-based TalkHelper Video Converter that works efficiently for you.

Why Use:
  • 100% free and open-source MP4 to WebM converter
  • Fetch excellent codec and filters
  • Get automate conversion tasks
  • Provides you with video streaming and playback options
  • Allow you to work with all major video and audio formats
  • Assists you for integration with other converter apps.


If you want to attain high-resolution Mp4 files to WebM videos conversions, then give an instant try to this Mp4 to WEBM converter by DVDFab. The upside is that this software is offline, you could easily convert up to 8K UHD Mp4 videos into WebM format and still obtain lossless video output. Moreover, if your system supports hardware acceleration capabilities, this converter can let you proceed with speedy conversions.

The most patent reason to use this software is that it assists you to fix metadata information before saving it in Webm file format. Even also, it lets you convert Mp4 files partially or even fully depending on your preferences.

Why Use:
  • You can now easily convert and compress videos without quality loss
  • It is loaded with a non-linear video editor
  • Provides you with great options to upscale and enhance videos
  • You can be able to work with up to 30X hardware-accelerated batch processing
  • Provides you with video metadata correction options
  • A great feature with a DVD/Blu-ray ripper.
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