Must Have Products For Those Suffering With Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability amongst children and around 3 in every 1,000 births result in this ailment. For some, this is a natural disability that comes down to complications during pregnancy. According to Washington DC cerebral palsy lawyer Regan Zambri Long, several children suffer this after a birth injury caused by the hospital staff. This disability makes many aspects of life difficult for a child, but thankfully we have many products and tools which can make their lives that little bit easier. These are some of those must-have products which can help to relieve the frustrations and challenges of CP.

Adaptive Tricycle

A wheelchair is a standard product for a CP sufferer but on top of that, an adaptive tricycle can be very helpful and therapeutic. These tricycles have been proven to help improve respiration as well as swallowing, and using them can also greatly support the development of the head and the trunk. Additionally, those with CP can improve hand-eye coordination and anti-gravity muscles.

Communication Devices

Given that so many with CP can struggle to verbally communicate, owing to muscles spasms that they have in their throat and tongue, a communication device is going to be important. Several fantastic products allow children to communicate through pictures and signs. Not only does this make their life easier, but it also helps to reduce the stress of the child and the people with who they are trying to communicate.

Standing Equipment 

Those children with CP so very often find it difficult to stand upright, because of tightness in the muscles around the thigh and hips. Standing equipment with wheels attached is a great way for them to stretch out those muscles and to get used to being upright for longer. These are like large-scale baby walkers and they are absolutely critical to helping a child develop in terms of their walking.

Walk-in Bath 

When mobility is impacted in the way that it is for a CP sufferer, every aspect of their life becomes challenging, including bath time. Stretching to get in and out of a bath is not just difficult, but it could also be dangerous. The last thing that anyone needs is an injury in the bathroom, which is why installing a walk-in bathtub is the smartest option here. This is a hassle-free addition to the home which is going to make their lives so much easier.

Stair Lift

Much like getting in and out of the bath, there is a very real danger for any child who has CP when it comes to getting up and down the stairs. The risks of a fall are simply too great here and that is why the introduction of a stairlift is a smart idea. This can require a good chunk of investment but it will be more than worthwhile given the added safety that it provides for children.

These are some of the most important products which any child with CP needs in their life.

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