8 Things to Do When You Are Not On Social Media

The average individual spends over two and a half on social media in a day. Yet, this time is enough to spend on self-care and achieving some of your goals. All the things you feel you have no time to do. If you are always on Twitter, you can seek the best twitter alternatives 2022. Optionally, you can take time away from social media for a few minutes to an hour to get free time to do other things. Below are some things to inspire you to do something different when you are not on social media.

1. Have a conversation

When was the last time you had a conversation without looking at your phone? Take the time when breaking from social media and have a real conversation. Book a lunch date, talk to your partner, chat with your neighbor and avoid doing it through messenger. You can also decide to talk to your kids. You are more likely to have proper conversations and interact more with people, away from the internet. Although you can communicate through social media, it is different from you are both present.

2. Go for a walk

There are many benefits of even going out from a 10-minute walk. You rejuvenate yourself, move your body, and clear your head as you enjoy some fresh air. Leave your phone at home unless you are out walking listening to a podcast to learn something new. Plus, taking a walk is also part of self-care. Plus, if you intentionally take a break from social media to walk every day, you receive health benefits.

3. Prep your meals for the week

Prep your meals for the week

People say they do not meal prep because they lack time. Therefore, next time you take a break from social media scrolling, try prepping for your meals for the week. Start with having a timetable and the ingredients you need, shop, and meal prep on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. In only two hours, all your meals for the week will be ready.

4. Clean out your emails

Having a full email inbox can be stressful. So, during the newly acquired free time. Clear out your old emails that need no action and those taking up space. Create automated responses if you need to, folders for organization, and unsubscribe from mailing lists you do not want anymore.

5. People watch

Have you ever sat and watched people pass? Most people do not know people-watching is interesting. Plus, it provides hours of entertainment, and it is a way to clear your head. Some of the great places to watch people and the world pass by is train stations, airports, and parks. People watching is an old form of social media scrolling but in real life.

6. Get a side hustle

Get a side hustle

Millennials everywhere in the world have a side hustle or two. You can also join this trend and find yourself one. The money you get helps in clearing debt, building savings, or saving up for a holiday. Plus, your side hustle could grow and expand. And after some time, be a full-time job and be successful. In this way, you gain financial freedom.

7. Spend time with your kids

Parents today are not giving time and attention to children. But if you take time off your social media for one hour, you can play and bond with them while creating memories. Read books, play board games, run outside and wrestle around. If you have no kids, spend time with your nephews and nieces or play with your dog. Most importantly, your kids, nieces, and nephews will love spending time with you and look forward to more.

8. Have a nap

Have a nap

Most individuals in the world today are suffering from sleep deprivation. So, keep off your phone and have a power nap. It is only 15 minutes, and it is rejuvenating and give you a boost for the rest of the day. Also, a power nap prevents stress, boosts memory, and increases creativity. Optionally, you can go to be early. And instead of spending time scrolling in bed, playing soft music, reading a book, and getting more sleep.

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